Tuesday, May 4, 2021

MAY 4, 2021 Comments/Quotes.


*"Face-to-cell phone is the modern trend, how I 

yearn for the phones of the past."

*"If we stay in the toilet for about an hour a day, eat 

for about 3 hours and sleep for about 3 hours, that 

leaves us with 17 hours, unless we have diarrhea, 

then we may have very little of the day left to do 

other things that we'd like to do."

*"A ruler is used to measure many things, including 

how far you're stomach is sticking out from the rest 

of your body."

*"A text from a friend is nice, but a hand written 

letter in the mail would be twice as nice."

*"A surprise baby is a threat to people who don't 

like children."

*"There are about 16,581,375 colors in our world, 

my favorite color is blue."

*"If I where on death row and had my choice of 

death, I'd would prefer a hanging."

*"The mainstream media causes dissension, what is 

their purpose in publishing fake news?"

*"An adventure is not the destination, but the stops 

along the way."

*"Does Febreze clean the smell or does it just mask 

the smell?"

Sunday, January 3, 2021

JAN 3, 2021 - My Tweets.

 *Cotton was picked by hand until Eli Whitney invented the Cotton gin, machine 

for cleaning cotton of its seeds, invented in the United States in 1793. Dec 4, 


*To meet someone of your dreams go to a church, not a bar.

*The United States is the home of free because of the brave. Those Governors 

who lock down their states because of the Coronavirus Pandemic prevent us from 

being free.

*Must we wait until we get dementia before forgetting those who seek 

forgiveness from us?

*Wisdom is gotten from experiences, not books, because experiences are 

hands-on education and book learning is not.

*A baby is a gift from God, we need to treat babies as such.

*I like Coke, not Pepsi. COKE stands for Can we all Observe the Kindness of 

others and follow their Example.

*There is absolutely no reason you should not take the Coronavirus vaccine 

unless you're deathly allergic to its ingredients.

*I have a 1986 Honda Accord which means I'm not trying to impress my 

neighbors or others, I just need reliable transportation to get where I'm going and 


*Caring is one of the most things you can do for others and tell them to pass it 

on down.

Monday, December 28, 2020

DEC 28, 2020 - My Tweets of Today.

 *If Joe Biden becomes president, it will not be back to the future, 

but back to the past, kissing up to our enemies, American companies 

moving to foreign lands, no tax cut for American citizens, full 

benefits for illegals, destroying all victories that Trump 


*If you live in a city, suburbed or the country where the crime level 

is high, move you and your family to a safer place where they don't 

want to defund the law. I don't understand what's keeping you from 


*Joe Biden did not win the election, Hollywood did, those 

extremely liberal actresses/actors with millions of money 

contributed to all 50 states to assure that their man won by an 

extremely narrow vote margin. 

*I'm right-handed and for years, I wiped my butt after pooping with 

my right hand. A few years ago, I discovered, that I could wipe my 

butt much better with my left hand. Goes to show you that 

trying different ways of doing things is important for all of us. 

*I've been alone nearly all my life, even with family or a crowd of 

people, I guess I could say my only friends are strangers, if they 

don't prefer to talk we can leave, if they're friendly like me, we

can talk awhile and then go our separate ways. Am I alone by 

choice? Perhaps. 

*Our world will change forever because of the Coronavirus 

Pandemic. Will we be forced to wear masks and remain 6 feet apart 

the rest of our lives? No matter what, we will persist, going on with 

our lives with positive attitudes, love, hope, faith and charity. 

*Some people think they're perfect in everyway. I figure the only 

ones perfect are God and Jesus Christ. I don't believe anyone would 

argue about that.

*My favorite law firm is the Spitz Law Firm with many locations 

in Northeast Ohio. I deal with the one in Beachwood, Ohio. I don't 

deal with lawyer's that chase rescue squads or ambulances.

*Being 78 years old, I remember when women wore panty hose 

and dresses, not the tight butt pants of today.

*The one difference between President Trump and potential 

president Joe Biden is the socialism of the latter. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

DEC 26, 2020 - Comments/Quotes.


*"Is a mountain to look at or climb, depends on 

whether you're afraid of heights or not."

*"Please don't feel guilty in raising your children, 

you'll just have to do the very best that you can."

*"Some lawyers are just like a Roadrunner 

(chaparral birds), moving fast to catch up with the 


*"If you are old and alone, your just like me, and 

you know, I don't mind it a bit."

*"There is nothing like a good storyteller."

*"I got Narcan Nasal Spray at my Rite Aid 

pharmacy paid for by health insurance in case I 

come across someone who has overdosed on 


*"May God bless our disabled children."

*"Don't stop believing in God just because you 

have a few bad days every once in a while."

*"To those of you who have sisters."

*"Fake flowers are for those who are to lazy to 

plant and maintain real flowers."

Friday, December 25, 2020

Dec 25, 2020 Merry Christmas - Comments/Quotes.


*"My father's family was a family of carpenters, my mother's family was a family of farmers"

*"Children who are addicted to processed meats may become future diabetics."

*"FORD does not stand for Fix Or Repair Daily, FORD stands for Forever and Onward please 

Relieve me of my Debts." 

*"A potential dangerous situation is like the calm before the storm."

*"Imagine a world without sunshine."

*"Why must we have to deal with the actions of evil?"

*"A nut to a bolt is like children to their toys."

*"Holidays are made for those that enjoy holidays."

*"Black tape is electrical tape and painter's tape is blue and and Columbus sailed the ocean blue 

in 1492."

*"I grew up in the south, knowing when introduced to someone, I say "the pleasure is mine.""

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Monday, September 28, 2020

My Comments/Quotes.


*"One of my favorite TV comedians from the past."

 *"A bright and beautiful morning is one sign that all is well in 


*"Everyone you encounter in your life may be related to you in 

some way if only by a few chromosomes."

*"Little girls and little boys are different, but how are they 


*"I can remember my mother loving those small brown churches of 

her childhood.""

*"Some kids are involved in politics at such a young age."

*"We all grow old, but it is your choice whether to grow old 

gracefully or not."

*"Don't let the maze of life lead you to have Parkinson's Disease, 

keep busy and stay focused."

*"Caregivers are much like angels here on earth."

*"The definition of an auction is the public sale of property to the 

highest bidder."

OCT 12, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Keeping up appearances is much less important than just being yourself."

*"Lost love and tears are are a part of many relationships."

*"Change is always good if it leads you to a better happiness."

*"Wickedness will lead you to the down escalator to hell."

*"To love someone is the highlight of our lives."

*"A precious stone is much less important than caring for others."

*"To lead is much more important than to follow."

*"Your weight is not important if you like yourself like that."

*The easy way to poop is to poop in your Depends and throw them in the trash, 

you can then save on your toilet tissue."

*"The key to becoming a promising adults is love shown by their parents in 

early childhood."

Saturday, September 26, 2020

SEP 26, 2020 - YouTube videos of the week.

 Since my last YouTube videos of the week, my GoPro Hero White 7 quit working 

because the cover for the SD Card and charging port cracked and fell off, so now 

I'll use my old Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS. I'll also need to purchase a new 

battery because the old battery won't hold a charge.

Thanks for watching.


My agenda for today.

At Taco Bell in Orrville, Ohio.

Day 2 of cleaning the garage.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

SEP 19, 2020 - YouTube videos of the week.

 I haven't produce any videos since May 7, 2020, I don't know why because 

I enjoy doing it.

I have several videos on YouTube, enough to publish like this for several weeks. 

I also have several that need title, description and tags before I publish them.

My search for 100% polyester cargo shorts.

I found some cargo shorts.

The garage is one hell of a mess.

Monday, August 31, 2020

AUG 31, My Comments/Quotes.


*"Asphalt is used to pave roadways. ASPHALT stands for it's your AS* that is at 

PHALT, not mine."

*"To make someone feel unworthy only degrades yourself."

*"Count the recent times you've been kind to others, each of these times a 

blessing comes your way from Heaven."

*"To those that are free live in the home of the brave."

*"At some point in time we will have solar powered vehicles or do we have them 


*"The telephone party lines of long ago spread gossip, the cell phones of today 

spread gossip. Gossiping is a sin, isn't it?"

*"Do not let anyone trespass on your property, always stand your ground."

*"A problem is not a problem but a challenge we need to resolve."

*"The roadway to Heaven is paved with gold, the roadway to hell runs with lava."

*"Time will reveal your advancing age if you let it, with exercise and proper 

nutrition you can slow your age that's seen by others."

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

AUG 24. 2020 - Comments/Quotes



*"My parents grew up during the Great Depression, that's how I learned to be 


*"Google may know more about you than you do yourself."

*"What is your reason for living?"

*"I know smoking is bad for me, but it the only bad habit I have, I smoke Seneca 

cigarettes purchased from the Big Indian Smoke Shop at the Seneca Indian Nation 

for $23.00 a carton."

*"Who will win the presidential election on November 3, 2020?"

*"I use PC Matic on my old HP 15 computer, it provides maintenance, stability, 

security and improves performance."

*"What water is the best water to purchase and drink?"

*"How does a beautiful rainbow form in the sky?"

*"It's been a while, but I remember creating paper airplanes."

*"My favorite food is fish. FISH stands for Flounder, Indian glass fish, Shellfish 

and Haddock."

Monday, August 17, 2020

AUG 17, 2020 My Comments/Quotes.



*"An outhouse was a necessity of the past."

*"All of our lives are filled with challenges, but we must never give up, we 

need to keep on trucking."

*"If you like beef, remember the cattle at the slaughter facility and their dying 


*"If someone does something kind for you, make sure you pass it on to someone 


*"We talk about the weather when we have nothing else to talk about."

*"Don't let sadness fill your days, think of all the happiness in your future."

*"I wear polyester clothing, wicks off cold and heat and no need to fold after 

washing and drying."

*"Coffee helps me to welcome a brand new day, what would I do without 


*"There is someone who knows more about you than you do."

*"Do you believe in having more than one affair?'

Monday, August 10, 2020

AUG 10, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Every once in a while I see a great TV 


*"Only remember the good parts of your past if 

you're troubled by your present."

*"The best part of you is how you care for others."

*"Parents are as only good as their children become 

in adulthood."

*"I like salt, Himalayan Pink Salt to be specific. 

SALT stands for Save A LoT, my favorite grocery 


*"I drink a lot of coffee, but now, which I've never 

done before, I drink tea, Yogi Green Tea 


*"It doesn't matter how old we are, growing old 

with someone you love is the most important 


*"On his deathbed with his wife Nancy by his side, 

George Jones said "hello, I'm George Jones."

Nancy believed he was talking to God."

*"The most common prayer among Christians is 

the "Lord's Prayer."

*"Loneliness is so sad for many of us, whether 

we're young or old."

Monday, August 3, 2020

AUG 3, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Once in America, shame on us."

*"You may be a skinny weakling or have the 

physique of a body builder."

*"Diabetics who are concerned about their health 

should reduce their intake of sugars, carbs and fats.

*"What does "The tip of the iceberg" (a metaphor) 


*"Pray that every child outlives their childhood."

*"I recently joined AARP. AARP stands for we're 

Alarmed At the Resurgence of People nearing the

end of their life."

*"I have a GPS and a radio in my 1986 Honda 

Accord, but I never use them, I don't like listening

to someone talk that I can't talk back to."

*"My one and only bank is PNC. PNC stands for 

Place your Nickle in the Corner of your dresser, 

but never trust your nickle to a bank."

*"I had supervisor (from the South Sudan) where I 

worked in produce at a Walmart off 72nd Street in 

Omaha, Nebraska, he asked "why I use the cuss 

words damm and hell." I said to him they're not 

cuss words, "a dam holds back water and hell is 

where you're going." He was good natured and took 

it all in stride."

*"A vision of Heaven can be seen by those with 

constant, incurable and unbearable pain."

Monday, July 27, 2020

JULY 27, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"Can someone live on water and dumpster diving?"

*"I watch Fox News. FOX stands for there is a Fox 

in the hen house that the farmer is chasing Over 

near the farmhouse, where the farmer fell down, 

broke his arm and now needs an X-ray."

*"The best answer to a yes or no question is yes or 

no, no maybe's allowed."

*"If all of us would act with the innocence of a 

small child, what a wonderful world this would be."

*"Being a Baptist, I believe in vengeance here 

on earth as well as in Heaven."

*"Without family or friends you may go your own 


*"It's almost always a daddy's girl and a mommy's 


*"If you die during the night, you will have had 

your own Last Supper."

*"Pooping and peeing is necessary for health. 

What does your pee look like?"

*"Life's hardships can be overcome by having a 

bright outlook and a positive attitude."

Thursday, July 2, 2020

JULY 4, 2020 - Independence Day.


*"Calendar Days: Independence Day - 4th of July History."

*"Celebrating July 4th in America."

*"4th Of July For Kids - Independence Day | Story with Interesting Facts for 

Children." Kids Academy.

*"5 unique Fourth of July celebrations in the USA | 10 Best."

*"America 2016 - 4th of July Independence Day Celebration Video with 


*"American flag facts, etiquette and history."

*"Why do Americans love their flag?"

*"Bristol prepares for historic Fourth of July parade."

*"Largest July 4th Fireworks Display in America."

*"Americans celebrate Independence Day with parade in Washington, D.C."

*"Today in History for July 4th."

*"US Independence Day: US celebrates American identity on July 4th."

Monday, June 15, 2020

JUNE 15, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"The first page in a book may be the greatest page 

of all time."

*"Sugar is the number 1 killer. SUGAR stands for 

make Sure that you Understand the Greatness of 

an Arab Relative."

*"You're not on this earth for a long time, so make 

sure you make the best of it with all the 

happiness and love that you can achieve."

*"I always use 100 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil on 

just about everything that I eat."

*"I'll always remember mother reading to me the 

little children's book, 'The Little Engine That 


*"I was once told by my first cousin, Franklin, 

"that you have to be smarter than the thing that 

you're working on.""

*"'Social distancing' is a new term to me, made so 

by the Coronavirus."

*"Hate is the opposite of love as to poop is the 

opposite of constipation."

*"A normal work day for most is 9:00 AM to 5:00 

PM, 5 days a week."

*"God bless our disabled children."

Sunday, June 14, 2020

JUNE 14, 2020 - Flag Day.


*"The History of Flag Day."

*"Folding of the American Flag."

*"Flag Day 2019."

*"Flag Day: Betsy Ross, George Washington and More!"

*"This We'll Defend: Flag Day."

*"Flag code, history, and symbolism explained on Flag Day."

 *"Honoring Flag Day Story."

*"June 14th is Flag Day."

*"The United States Flag | Curious Kids | Fun Facts for Kids | Made by Red Cat 


*"Parade of Flags at Western Michigan University | a Homecoming Tradition."

*"Flag Day Song (June 14th) | DidiPopMusic."

Saturday, June 13, 2020

JUNE 20-22, 2020 - First Day of Summer.


*"Science behind the summer solstice."

*"What is a Solstice?"  National Geographic.

*"What Is Summer Solstice | Summer Solstice For Kids | First Day Of Summer."

*"Happy First Day of Summer!"

*"First day of summer Canada 2016."

*"夏至 Summer Solstice 2018."

*"See 'Strawberry Moon', the First in Nearly 70 Years 2016."

*"The Longest Day of the Year: The Solstice!"

*"Summer Solstice 21 June 2013."

*"Summer Solstice 2016."

*"Why does summer start at 10:54 am?"

Friday, June 12, 2020

My Comments/Quotes.


*"My hair is about 24 inches long, will I catch up to Willie Nelson if he dies, God 


*"Mornings are made for breakfast, nights are made for sleeping after eating 

junk food all day long."

*"No matter what people think of you, you are the one that knows yourself best." 

*"How did Donald Trump create Donald Trump?"

*"Don't let your past interrupt your future."

*"Money is only important if you only need food, water, clothes and shelter, 

what are your needs and wants."

*"To not keep promises to someone is a sin, at least to my way of thinking it is."

*"It is not right that someone can totally control someone else's life, don't let 

anyone take you down."

*"The morning after could be a hangover or the guiltiness of an illicit love affair 

or both."

*"One of God's most awesome creations is the brilliance of a morning filled with 

sunshine on a summer day."