Thursday, January 23, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

JAN 22, 2020 - The creams that I use on my body (YouTube video).

*"The creams that I use on my body."

JAN 29, 2020 - Dementia.


*"Kids interview people with Dementia."

*"New Dementia & Alzheimer's disease trials are 

giving patients hope of a better life."

*"Dementia - A clinical update."

*"Dementia mapping project 2019."

*"Why a form of Dementia that changes people's 

personalities is "very commonly misdiagnosed.""

*"Bloom 2019 - Dementia Garden."

*"Difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia."

*"Everyone can play a part in Dementia research."

*"Dementia Clock's in 2019 - What are the benefits 

and how do they work?"

*"Understanding Dementia with Teepa Snow 2019."

Monday, January 20, 2020

JAN 20, 2020 - I'm in the Upstairs Toilet (YouTube video).

*"I'm in the upstairs toilet.

JAN 20, 2020 - Google News. Update 4


5:41 PM 1/23/2020.

*"Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 3: Democrats 

detail Trump-Ukraine timeline in opening     


*"What sound does an ancient Egyptian mummy 

make? Scientist recreate voice of 3000 year old 


6:50 AM 1/22/2020.

*"Key moments from the first day of the Senate 

impeachment trial."

*"Mother arrested for murder in deaths of 3 children 

in Phoenix."

9:44 AM 1/21/2020.

*"What The Constitution Says About Impeachment." 


*"Iran announces arrests over downing of plane that 

killed 176."

11:10 PM 1/20/2020.

*"Third impeachment trial in US history begins 


*"Migrant group camps at Guatemala-Mexico 

border in bid to reach US."

*"Kellyanne Conway argues impeachment articles 

are constitutionally invalid."

*"Bodies of Ukrainian victims of Iran plane crash 


*"Violence erupted as Hong Kong police cracked 

down on protesters."

*"Why Are Militia Groups Descending on Virginia?"

*"Nicole Kidman On 'Big Little Lies' Season 3."  

PGA Awards 2020.

*"Everything we know about the Galaxy S20!"

*"UFC 246: Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone 


*"Mystery deadly virus that causes lung lesions has 

‘infected hundreds’ and sweeping China and 


 *"China moving closer to 2020 Mars mission."

*"These are the risks facing the stock market in 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

JAN 18, 2020 - I was an Alcoholic for about 25 Years (YouTube video).

*"I was an alcoholic for about 25 years."

JAN 18. 2020 - The Future of Healthcare.


*"Health Predictions: The future of healthcare (ISCF -

Aging Society)."

*"Is this the future of healthcare? - The Economist."

*"Climate Change will impact health."

*"Lessons in digital health - The Medical Futurist."

*"The future of AI in healthcare."

*"Christina Warinner: Tracking ancient diseases 

using . . . plaque."

*"Introducing strong and healthy webinars."

 *"Immortals - 5 food aging. Even more inclined to

look younger than age."

*"Frank Zappa - The biggest problem in the world."

*"The future of healthcare by Microsoft."

Thursday, January 16, 2020

JAN 16, 2020 - Weight Loss.


*"6 simple ways to lose a little weight."

*"How does exercise impact weight loss?"

*"Live it: Detox cabbage soup."

*"Gut bacteria and weight loss. Mayo Clinic Radio."

*"British Heart Foundation: Your weight and heart 


*"7 healthy fats to add to your diet."

*"Mediterranean Diet: Does it work? - UCLA 

Center for Human Nutrition."

*"Life after sleeve gastrectomy - UCLA Bariatric 


*"Why Asians are slimmer (9 weight loss tips) - 

Joanna Soh."

*"My weight loss journey. How I lost 80 pounds."

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

JAN 14, 2020 - My YouTube Videos.

*"I've been walking or standing nearly all my life."

*"Constipation, it's like a plague among the 


*"The expenditure of energy creates energy."

*"I'm peeing."

*"My normal breakfast."

*"I'm always happy."

*"BP gas station in Smithville, Ohio."

*"I've been smoking for 52 years."

*"Please email me!"

*"Merry Christmas."

Saturday, January 11, 2020

JAN 11, 2020 - Google News Update 2.


4:33 AM 1/14/2020.

*"Senate impeachment trial against Trump expected 

to begin January 21."

*"Royal talks on Harry and Meghan’s future."  BBC 


2:21 PM 1/12/2020.

*"Iran owns up to plane crash: What will be the 

fallout?" DW News.

*"Haiti quake: 'We are paying for ten years later.'"

*"Iran admits 'unintentionally' shooting down 

plane."  BBC News.

*"Ukrainians Lay Flowers for Victims of Plane 

Crash in Iran."

*"Harry & Meghan to step back: What does the 

future hold for the Royal Family?" BBC Newsnight.

*"State Department raises travel advisory for 

Australia amid fires."  ABC News.

*"1917 - Official Trailer [HD]."

*"11 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo 

Switch - January 2020."

*"LBJ Dazzles In Dallas!"

*Mystery illness outbreak in Wuhan, China."

*"17-Year-Old Discovers a Brand New Planet."

*"The 8 Coolest Things We Saw at CES 2020."

Friday, January 10, 2020

JAN 10, 2020 - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Upon her marriage to Prince 
Harry,  Meghan became a princess of the 
United Kingdom entitled to the style of Royal 
Highness, as well as Duchess of Sussex, 
Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness 
She is styled as "Her Royal Highness 
The Duchess of Sussex", and she is the first 
person to hold that title.

Spouse: Prince Harry, Trevor Engelson

Family: British royal family

Born: August 4, 1981, Los Angeles, California


*"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to step back as 

senior Royals - ABC News."

*"Prince Harry and Meghan visit Canada House."

*"Meghan Markle and Prince Harry net worth 2020: 

pair 'quit' Royal Family - how will they pay for it?"

*"Meghan Markle plotted to declare a second 


*"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to have a 

smoother 2020 as a power couple, expert says."

*"A timeline of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 

life together."

*"How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fell out 

of love with the Royal Family."

*"The reason Meghan Markle wants to shake off 

the Royal Family immediately."

*"No secret! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are 

'declare to be soon' a move to Canada!"

*"How Meghan and Prince Harry were inspired by 

Princess Diana to take a break from the Royal Life."

Thursday, January 9, 2020

JAN 9, 2020 - A Cure for Cancer??


*"Are big pharma suppressing the cure for cancer?"

*"Why is it so hard to cure cancer? - Kyuson Yun."

*"What is cancer? What causes cancer and how it is 


*"Cure for Cancer Helmet by X Caliber Customs."

*"Cure for cancer."

*"He's only 17 years old, but he's well on his way to 

curing cancer. = Teen Technoerati - Wired."

*"How to cure cancer. Natural cure for cancer."

*"Cannabis is curing my cancer and now I want it 

legalized. This Morning."

*"Israeli biotech firm says its developed the first 

"complete cure for cancer - That's the news Tu."

*"Walking Points - A documentary about the cure 

for cancer."

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

JAN 8, 2020 - Google News.


*"Iran confirms missile strike on ‘invasive US 


*"Ukrainian passenger plane crashes in Iran."  BBC 


*"Australian residents return to fire-ravaged home."

*"Puerto Rico struck by second strong earthquake 

in two days."

*"Surprise wins and upsets at the Golden Globe 





*"Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite 

Hands-On at CES 2020 | They’re a little strange."

*"A Mysterious Virus In Central China Has 

Infected Dozens, Raising Fears Of A New 

Epidemic." TIME.

*"TESS Mission's First Earth-size World in Star's 


*"Introducing Impossible™ Pork Made from Plants."

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

JAN 7,2020 - Pain Management.


*"Chronic pain vs acute pain."

*"Tools to manage chronic pain."

*"Back pain: Lumbar disc injury."

*"Pain management at SickKids."

*"How to use Tens Unit for pain relief - Ask Doctor 


*"Nociceptors - An introduction to pain."

*"Acute pain management in the emergency 


*"One minute Sciatica exercises for quick pain 

relief and cure of Sciatic pain."

Medical marijuana: Mayo Clinic Radio."

*"How to cure pain without pills."

Sunday, January 5, 2020

JAN 5, 2020 - Mental Health.


*"Bipolar disorder - Clinical Presentation."

*"Understanding the link between violence and 

mental health."

*"Schizophrenia overview - Clinical Presentation."

*"Let's talk about mental health."

*"5 easy tips to beat anxiety."

*"What is delirium? - Mental Health - NCLEX RN - 

Khan Academy."

*"What is dissociation and how do we deal with it?"

*"Are you being manipulative?"

*"Break the stigma."

*"How stress affects your brain - Madhumita 


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

JAN 1, 2020 - Happy New Year.


*"See New Year's Eve celebrations around the 


*"Happy New Year 2020 clock (v 684) countdown 

timer with sound effects + voice 4K."

*"Watch Dubai New Year 2019 fireworks in full."

*"Happy New Year 2020."

*"Don't do this!: New Years resolutions for 2020."

*"Happy New Year Rally 2020."

*"Auld Lang Syne with lyrics! New Year's Eve 

song 2020."

*"New Year's Eve from Puerta del Sol, Madrid, 

Spain. Happy New Year 2020."

*Chinese New Year 2019 Lion Dance, Hong Kong."

*"Happy New Year 2020! Top 25 world fireworks 

and New Year celebrations (2016)."

*"Happy New Year to you."

Monday, December 30, 2019

DEC 30, 2019 - Health News

*"8 of the best health apps for 2020 that promote a 

healthy lifestyle." 

*"Trump punts health care until after the 2020 


*"5 benefits of turmeric that is good for you." 

*"Cory Booker on 2020, need for "civic grace," and 

health care as a right."

*"How a man on kidney dialysis got billed for 

$540,000 for 14 weeks of care."

*"Mental health crisis leads to unexpected $21,634 

hospital bill."

*"How to stop hair loss/ hair loss treatment/ hair 

loss cure 2020."

*"Higher stroke risk of vegans and vegetarians 


*"The Brain Health Certification Course - Amen 


*"A doctor battles health inequality."

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

JAN 3, 2020 - Diabetes.


*"Factors that lead to diabetes."

*"Pre diabetes diet plan."

*"Diabetes effects on body in animation 3D 


*"Diabetes symptoms."

*"Type 1 and type 2 diabetes."

*"Insulin and the regulation of glucose in the blood."

*"Types of diabetic retinopathy."

*"This magical turmeric lentil soup will protect you 

from type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer." 

*"Foods that reverse insulin resistance."

*"Diabetes for children."