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Monday, October 21, 2019

OCT 21, 2019 - Adventures in Paradise.


*"Money saving tips for Bora Bora."

*"Marco Island, Florida - Labor Day getaway and 

Dolphin Explorer Cruise."

Dhaalu Atoll - Maldives - RIU Hotels & Resorts."

*"Boat rentals in Ft. Myers, Florida - Welcome to 

Port Sanibel Marina."

*"A taste of paradise at Conrad Bora Bora Nui."

*"Cinematic New Zealand - Epic Anamorphic Lens 


*"Tarpon 470 Luxe, boat hire in Port Soller."

*"Top 10 places to visit in Papua New Guinea."

*"Taking a walk in the park - E. P. "Tom" Sawyer 

State Park."

*"This is why we travel - Summer 2017 


Sunday, October 20, 2019

OCT 20, 2019 - Health News.


*"Vaping unknowns: Mayo Clinic expert answers 

questions about vaping."

*"Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his gym and 


*"Common sleep myths pose serious risks."

*"Chen Xi on how 5G technology is changing the 

healthcare industry."

*"The high blood pressure program review."

*"Transforming our healthcare system - Interview 

preview with Travis Christofferson."

*"9 reasons to exercise regularly (science backed)."

*"Short-term health plans allowed by Trump come 

with a major caveat."

*"Bollywood stars suffering with this disease."

*"Pain medicine alternatives - Interview with Mark 


Saturday, October 19, 2019

OCT 19, 2019 - My Comments/Quotes.

Our parents.


*"Our mother, August 4, 1918 - 1st day of spring, 


*"I don't need boots for my new job, but good shoes 

that expand with my feet. I found them at a place I 

don't remember, Adidas at a little over $135."

*"Pa was a term used to indicate someones father 

during the early days of the old west in America."

*"I remember the old days, about 1950, when I 

purchased a loaf of Wonder Bread for my 

grandmother Caricofe at Roth's Grocery Store in 

Dayton, Virginia for 10 cents a loaf."

*"A smile and a greeting of Hi is so simple to do, 

you'll be surprised that most people will reply in 

the same manner."

*"Life is not calculated in years, but in the number 

of people you have helped during your lifetime."

*""The world is a better place because of you," 

meaning also you are just as good as anyone else

in God's eyes."

*"Those of you that are about my age, almost 77, 

I hope you've been as happy as I have been 

during my lifetime. My simple message to all is to 

"never let anyone take you down," and in a crisis, 

"it's up to God.""

*"I've been exposed to wind chills of - 45 degrees 

in Omaha, Nebraska and South Korea and I've 

learned to dress for those conditions. Layers of 

mostly 100% polyester clothing, but no cotton."

*"Don't anyone believe that belly fat is inherited and 

permanent. With proper exercise and nutrition, that 

belly fat will disappear forever.

Friday, October 18, 2019

OCT 18, 2019 - Google News. Update 4


7:04 AM 10/22/2019.

*"Canadian Networks Call Election for Liberals."

*"What happened this week in Trump's 

impeachment saga?"  BBC News.

6:11 AM 10/21/2019.

*"Prince Harry suggests move to Africa."

*"Hong Kong protests: what's at stake for China?" 

The Economist.

6:32 AM 10/20/2019

*"William And Kate Give First TV News Interview 


*"Rally in Hong Kong calls for international 

support, teenager stabbed in Tai Po."

5:44 AM 10/19/2019.

*"Boris Johnson: Brexit is the biggest thing I've 

done professionally."

*"Erdogan warns Kurds as Syria ceasefire gets off 

to rocky start."

*"Kurd commander accepts ceasefire terms."

*"El Chapo's Son Captured After Fierce Gun 

Battle -- Then Released."

 *"Brexit: Talks between the UK & EU reach crucial 

stage." BBC News.

*"Giuliani, Pence defy Congressional subpoenas." 

ABC News.

*"Dutch family 'waiting for end of time' found 

locked away."

*"Scarlett Johansson Says 'Black Widow' Movie 

Will Provide Closure." (Exclusive).

*"Baby Shark at Washington Nationals games."

*"Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 | 9 Biggest Changes."

*"Students, staff surprise Nativity teacher on her 

way to final chemo session."

*"NASA Introduces New Spacesuits for the Moon 

and Mars."

*"Volvo Cars CEO on XC40 Recharge EV, Hybrid 

Subsidy, China."

Thursday, October 17, 2019

OCT 17, 2019 - Entertainment News.


*"Prince Harry moved to tears talking about 


*"Zoe Kravitz to play Catwoman in the Batman 

opposite Robert Pattinson."

*"Morning Headlines - 10-11-2019."

*"Abby Hornacek in Jeans (Fox News) 10-11-2019."

*"Tyler Perry on the "poetic justice" of building 

new studio on former Confederate Army Base."

*"DC Comics in danger of cancellation." 

*"Kids not into Star Wars. Is anyone surprised."

 *"Stephen A. celebrates the Cowboys loss to the 

Saints." First Take.

*"Urban Entertainment News - October 13, 2019."

*"Andrew Yang on The Dr. Oz Show - October 11, 


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

OCT 16, 2019 - BBC World News.


*"Japan hit by the biggest typhoon in decades."

*"My date with a robot."

*"Human chain rescues stranded dolphins."

*"Are we headed for a water crisis?"

*"Has a internet blackout killed Sudan's 


*"Mariana Trench: Record-breaking journey to the 

bottom of the ocean."

*"Seoul's over-50s disco 'like medicine' for seniors."

*"Is India a space superpower?"

*"Hans Rosling: 200 years."

*"Super gonorrhoea: Why the STI could become 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

OCT 15, 2019 - Space - The Final Frontier.


*"Jewish Open Space 2019 in Kylv."

*"We are going."

*"We decoded NASA's messages to aliens by hand."

*"Earth from Space: The Netherlands."

*"10 Astronomical events that will happen in your 


*"Torrential rain causes flooding as Typhoon 

Hagibis hits Japan."

*"Astronauts honor 1st human space walker from 


*"Star-ship launch animation."

*"Top 5 new space missions to Mars."

*"Taylor performs "Blank Space" at The Grammy 


Friday, September 27, 2019

SEP 27, 2019.- Health News.


*"Next generation of healthcare technology at Johns 

Hopkins Bayview Medical Center."

*"C. diff survives disinfection."

*"Addiction and mental health news - The Recover."

*"Most popular health news of the day - 16 Aug 


*"Heart disease prevention tips."

*"Eating of non veg causes cancer."

*"How the Cayman Islands could become a new 

healthcare destination."

*"Munshi on Maradu flat demolition case - 26 Feb 


*"Watch ABC News Live."


*"Pursuing longevity - Interview Preview with Dr. 


Thursday, September 26, 2019

SEP 26, 2019 -Adventures in Paradise.

I'm getting way behind on answering your comments 

and your birthdays and I'm sincerely sorry, please 

email me instead at:

Thanks so much.




*"Peschereccio "Bora Bora" Linca Blu 13/07/2019."

*"Island tour Phuket - Ko phi phi - Monkey Bay."

*"Best cruise to French Polynesia."

*"E17: What do rainy days look like on a boat solo 


*"Cinematic New Zealand - Epic Anamorphic lens 


*"Krabi - Boat trip and the most beautiful sunset 

I've ever seen..."

*"Dhaa Lu - Maldives - RIU hotels and resorts."

*"Best activities and tours at Moorea 2019."

*"Most beautiful beach in the world: ANSE Source 

D'Argent (Seychelles)."

*"Tribute to Gardner McKay."

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

SEP 25, 2019 - Google News - Update 3

I'm getting way behind on answering your comments 

and your birthdays and I'm sincerely sorry, please 

email me instead at:

Thanks so much.




3:21 PM 10/15/2019.

*"Turkey seizes key highway in Syria, complicating 

U.S. troop withdrawal."

*"Is the dream of independence for Catalonia over?" 

Inside Story.

11:40 AM 9/27/2019.

*"Trump Calls Biden "Dumb as a Rock" in Closed-

Door Comments."

*"Prince Harry retraces Diana's footsteps through 


8:57 AM 9/26/2019.

*"Trump: ‘I fully support transparency on the so-

called whistleblower information.’"

*"MPs debate climate action | Parliament LIVE."

*"Nancy Pelosi says House will go forward with 

Trump impeachment inquiry."

*"World's Oceans And Mountains Are In Big 

Trouble From Climate Change, UN Report Says."

*"Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduce 

Archie to Desmond Tutu."  5 News.

*"Trump says Ukraine call transcripts to be 


*""Downton Abbey" The Movie."

*"Stephen A.’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: The 

Chiefs rise and the Ravens fall." First Take.

*"The race begins September 25th! Mario Kart 

Tour News, Vol. 1."

*"The Quest to Slow, Stop and Even Reverse 

Aging | Future You." NPR.

*"How to Protect the Earth From Killer Asteroids."

*"Bernie Sanders to join the UAW-GM strike."

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

SEP 24, 2019 - Lawn and Garden.


*"How to build a concrete mow strip for lawn and 


*"2019 Lawn and Garden plans."

*"Top 5 best riding lawn mowers for the money."

*"Lawn Pre-emergents for weed control - Fall and 


 *"Electric snow thrower in action (Elec-Trak)."

*"As Seen on TV garden gadgets TESTED."

*"How to get rid of Crabgrass and Clover in the 


*"Garden update."

*"My Lawn and Garden."

*"The latest dirt on our Homestead."

Saturday, September 21, 2019

SEP 21, 2019 - BBC World News.


*"Boris Johnson insists UK will leave EU by 31 


*"Are our phones listening to us?"

*"Inside the Supreme Court."

*"BBC World News Impact - Prediction of peace."

*"Global Climate Strike: Millions protest around 

the world - BBC Newsnight."

*"China navy to BBC: Stay away from the islands."

*"Glory to Hong Kong - Singing a new protest 


*"Giant jellyfish spotted by divers."

*"BBC World News on the 'Apology 


*"Assisted dying: 'I just wish the law would let me 

have him for a little longer.'"

*"When BBC weather forecast goes wrong: 

Bloopers & funny incidents." 

Friday, September 20, 2019

SEP 20, 2019 - Health News.


*"What causes tongue cancer?"

*"The biggest red flag of the narcissist."

*"Devdisocurse health news summary."

*"What is the best drink during workouts?"

*"Most popular health news of today - 16 August 


*"Why children learn to distrust their single mom."

*"What do 'natural' and 'artificial' flavors really 


*"Cell phone cancer link & 5G safety concerns: CBS 


*"Vision therapy."

*"FDA approves first test to detect Zika Virus in 

blood donations."

Thursday, September 19, 2019

SEP 19, 2019 - Google News.Update 3


12:04 AM 9/25/2019.

*"In warning to Iran, Trump says he will "never fail 

to defend" U.S. interests."

*"Search suspended in Virgin Islands for missing 

Kentucky woman due to tropical storm."

8:29 AM 9/21/2019.

*"Pentagon announces troop deployment to Saudi 


*"Hundreds descend on Nevada desert near “Area 


7:34 AM 9/20/2019.

*"Remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda slam southeast 


*"3 Billion Birds Lost."

*"Ed Buck Charged Following Non-Fatal Overdose 

Of 37-Year-Old Man In West Hollywood Home."

*"Attack on Saudi Arabia included projectiles fired 

from Iranian territory, sources say."

*"Nigel Farage calls Luxembourg Prime Minister 

Xavier Bettel a 'pipsqueak.'"

*"Bushwalker crawls for two days with broken leg 

after falling down 6-metre waterfall."  ABC News.

*"Jimmy Kimmel Swears in New Bachelor Pilot 


*"Every Team's Best Play from Week 2!"  

NFL 2019 Highlights.

*"Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer - Nintendo 


*"New death linked to use of e-cigarettes."  ABC 


*"Trump calls out California officials over state's 

homeless crisis."

*"Climate change: the trouble with trees."  The