Monday, April 6, 2020

APR 6, 2020 -My Comments/Quotes.


*"My favorite programs on TV are 'Law and Order,' 

'National Geographic' and 'BBC Earth.'" 

*"The most evil people deserve the worst of prisons."

*"Cell phones of today vs the switchboard and 

party lines of the past."

*"An old photograph will bring back memories of 

your past."

*"A piece of meat, bread and some water may be 

the difference between life and death by starvation."

*"Whistling is rarity from the past."

*"A fart should be a private affair, the sound and 

smell hidden from others."

*"I'll be traveling soon to the Seneca Indian 

Reservation in Irving, New York for cartons of 

Seneca Cigarettes (about $23 a carton) because I'm 

almost down to my last cigarette."

*"About 40% of food, worth about $165 billion, is 

thrown away each year in America. Why must this 

happen, when there are so many starving people in 

our world?" 

*"Peeing and pooping are natural for us, if we 

didn't poop and/or pee we would have to make an

appointment with our primary care physician before 

it's too late."

Sunday, April 5, 2020

APRIL 5, 2020 - Palm Sunday.


*"God's story: Palm Sunday."

*"A special message from Father Wilson about 

Palm Sunday."

*"The King is coming! The significance of Palm 


*"Palm Sunday."

*"Gospel of Luke - Chapters 19 - 23."

*"Worship songs for Palm Sunday."

*"Tutorial: Palm Sunday Cross."

*"Pope Francis holds Palm Sunday Mass at the 


*"Palm Sunday: The Glorious Palm of Victory."

*"The role of Hope in Holy Week."

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

APRIL 1, 2020 - April Fool's Day.


*"What's the origin of April Fools' Day?"

*"April Fools Pranks with the Kidz Bop Kids."

*"April Fool's Day - Starbucks prank."

*"April Fool's Day - 1986 trailer."

*"April Fool's Day pranks! Prank Wars."

*"April Fool's Pranks."

*"April Fool's food prank."

*"Best April Fool's Jokes."

*"April Fool's Bloopers." 

*"What do Korean people like to do on April Fool's 


Monday, March 30, 2020

MAR 30, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"When I die, I want to go out in a blaze of glory."

*"A country who lives under a dictator is ruled by 

that dictator. A country that is a democracy is ruled 

by its' people."

*"We're suppose to hunt wild animals for food, not 

human beings for food."

*"Someone may be a good person or a bad person, 

it depends on which side of the one-way mirror 

they're standing in front of."

*"Santa Clause is only true if you believe in him, 

no matter what age you are."

*"May God bless the poor and hungry children 

of the world."

*"A gift from God is in helping others."

*"I've always liked geography, my favorite subject 

in high school and college and I'm almost 90% 

better at geography than those in the following 


*"It doesn't matter if your skinny, fat, slim, or 

obese, you're still a human being."

*"Why do you need to go out to a bar when you 

can have the same fun at home?"

Saturday, March 28, 2020

MAR 28, 2020 - Hate Groups.


*"Soldier Defends Muslim Worker."

*"KKK: Then and Now."  National Geographic.

*"Racist rant inside Walmart goes viral."

*"The psychology behind violent hate groups."

*"U. S. - Hate groups at an all time high."

*"White supremacists in Canada emboldened."

*"Trump on KKK: "Hate groups not for me.""

*"Hate groups, should they be illegal?"

*"Former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke's rise 

to prominence - Flashback - NBC News."

*"Richard Wolff asks Chris Hedges about rising 

hate groups."

*"Study reveals New Mexico is the only state to 

have zero hate groups."

Monday, March 23, 2020

MAR 23, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"My favorite hymn of all time."

*"Womankind or mankind, which is more 


*"Would you like your own island? I would."

*"Genetics, sugar and carbs may cause diabetics, 

chips may cause your blood pressure to rise 

because of salt, I'll take my chances of having a 

heart attack because of too much salt and too

high of a blood pressure. I simply like salt, 

Himalayan Pink Salt, of course. It contains 84 trace 

elements and minerals that's in the human body.

*"I needed a new cell phone, so I purchased a Total 

Wireless (my carrier) cell phone, a Motorola."

*"The Impossible Whopper from Burger King is 

my absolute favorite sandwich."

*"A large mansion with a 3 car garage, 4 bathrooms 

with 4 floors, 8 bedrooms and a huge kitchen for 

only about 4 people is a slap in the face to the poor."

*"The road to riches is not through greed and 

avarice, but through love and happiness."

*"They say that one person's junk is another 

person's treasure, but you could put it another way,

one animal's poop is a dung beetle's treasure."

*"In this day and time, people take a bath or shower 

nearly everyday, my parents and their ancestors took 

a bath or shower every Saturday night to clean up for 

church the next day.

It really doesn't matter where you take a bath, it's 

soaping and rinsing yourself all over that's 


Saturday, March 21, 2020

MAR 21, 2020 - Healthy Habits.


*"12 Healthy habits and tips."

*"10 healthy habits to start in 2020."

*"Creating healthy habits 2020."

*"Healthy habits - mind, body & soul."

*"Morning routine - family of 3 living in a bus."

*"10 ways to change your life 2020."

*"Coronavirus Outbreak. What is the Coronavirus? 

Symptoms you should know."

*"You're never too old for good habits."

*"Healthy habits that I do in 2020 and you should 

do too."

*"My healthy habits and self care routine 2020."

Thursday, March 19, 2020

MAR 19, 2020 - First Day of Spring.


*"Cherry Blossoms and Other Beautiful Flowers 

Usher in Spring in China."  National Geographic.

*"🌷Miracle Of Spring 🌷."

*"Spring Lake Trail: One giant "Leap" for 


*"First day of spring semester."

*"Spring season 2020."

*"What I love about Spring."

*"How to keep plants healthy."

*"Stunning Spring Festivals around the world."

*"Be Alert! Diseases and precautions - Sakshi 

Special - Watch Exclusive."

*"What is spring?"

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

MAR 17, 2020 - Saint Patrick's Day


*"St. Patrick's Day - Bet you didn't know - History."

*"Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020."

*"Seaside Heights St. Patrick's Day Parade 3-7-20."

*"Asbury Park St. Patrick's Day Parade 3-8-20."

*"Bagpipers prepping for St. Patrick's Day."

*"The Grand Marshall and his Aides."

*"2019 winners for best high schools."

*"15 foods and drinks you would only have on St. 

Patrick's Day."

*"Happy Saint Patrick's Day."

*"2020 Installation Reception - Ed Bowles."

Monday, March 16, 2020

MAR 16, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"A sign saying "No Pets Allowed" frustrates me. 

Are they part of our family or not?"

*"You may thank your doctors and nurses, but 

thanking housekeeping and others are often 


*"You may not think your vote is important, but I 

know some elections that were decided by a flip of 



*"Where would we be today without the invention 

of the wheel?"

*"I take a small sip of Holistic Hound Hemp and 

Mushroom Oil every other day for numerous 

health benefits, made exclusively for dogs and cats."

*"It looks like to me that your brain would get 

more exercise if it where in your feet instead of 

your head."

*"Mountain Dew Mouth is a term that is used for 

those who drink Mountain Dew and have rotten 

teeth in Appalachia and other places in the world."

*"A belly laugh is more healthy than a simple smile."

*"Besides all the other benefits of 100% polyester 

clothing is that you don't have to fold them."

*"Now think about this considering your present 

behavior, there are 2 doors, one door to  hell and 

one door to Heaven. Which door will you be going 


Saturday, March 14, 2020

MAR 14, 2020 - Joint Replacement


*"When should I consider knee replacement 


*"Broken leg surgery - Amandeep Hospital - 

Patient's testimonials."

*"Total shoulder replacement: When is shoulder 

replacement right for you?"

*"What is the difference between traditional and 

robotic surgery?

*"Hip & knee joint replacement at RNOH: A guide 

to anesthesia."

*"Mako Robotic-Arm assisted partial knee 


*Phoenix Spine & Joint - About us - Short."

*"Ronald Light, MD."

*"Treating knee pain after replacement surgery 

using Prolotherapy."

*"Must have after hip or knee replacement - The

chair that made life easier after surgery."

Monday, March 9, 2020

MAR 9, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.


*"A toy at any time of the year would be an 

awesome gift for a child."

*"A world free of hate and anger is a wonderful 

world of peace and love."

*"It's not womankind or mankind, it's peoplekind."

*"Some of your bridges to your past are better

burned to the ground than to dwell on those 

standing bridges to your past forever."

*"Grieving for a lost loved one should not be a 

lifetime event, grieve for a short while, but always

remember them in your heart."

*"Google knows almost everything about us. 

GOOGLE stands for Going Over to Observe the 

Greatness of Large Elderberry trees."

*"Don't worry if you're poor and distressed, with 

a positive attitude, courage, hard work and a 

little luck, you could become a millionaire."

*"To those people of the world who seek food 

from the garbage of others, let's give so that they

will not have to sift through the garbage to find 

the thrown away food of others."

*"It is so sad that in this day and time, there is 

still so much difference in the races and cultures 

of the world."

*"Blessed are those that are sick and sometimes 

without hope."

Saturday, March 7, 2020

MAR 7, 2020 - The Coronavirus - Update 4


6:48 AM 3/11/2020.

*"President Xi visits Wuhan as coronavirus outbreak 

slows in China."

*"How China’s Tech Workers Are Coping With the 

Coronavirus Outbreak."

5:16 AM 3/10/2020.

*"Financial Fallout Continues As Coronavirus 

Outbreak Continues To Grow."

*"All of Italy on lockdown over coronavirus 


6:26 AM 3/9/2020.

*"Fast moving developments in the coronavirus 


*"Why new diseases keep appearing in China."

7:07 AM 3/8/2020.

*"COVID-19 coronavirus: how did it grow from 

one local market to a global epidemic?" AFP.

*"At least 234 people have been diagnosed with 

coronavirus in US, according to CDC." ABC News.

*"Latest Update On Coronavirus In U.S., Death 

Toll Rises To 17."

*"Spike in coronavirus cases and fatalities around 

the world."

*"Coronavirus cases double in New York."  WNT.

*"WHO - Coronavirus - questions and answers 

(Q & A)."

*"What is the coronavirus?"

*"Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic discusses 

the novel coronavirus."

*"The coronavirus and other outbreaks are hard to 

contain. Here's why."

*"How coronavirus kills: Acute Respiratory Distress 

Syndrome (ARDS) & treatment." 

*"The coronavirus update - What U. S. residents 

should know."

*"What can people do to protect themselves and 

others from getting the new coronavirus."

*"Droplet vs airborne transmission."

*"China coronavirus: What does WHO's 'global 

health emergency' mean" DW News."

*"Coronavirus: What you should know."

Monday, March 2, 2020

MAR 2, 2020 - My Comments/Quotes.

Our father and mother who art in Heaven.


*"One of the greatest man I ever knew was my 

father, I hope your father was as great as mine."

*"Some of you may have watched me eating 

sardines for breakfast on my YouTube channel, 

but I also eat canned salmon for breakfast too."

*"We must always tell the truth or suffer the 

consequences if we lie."

*"There is little difference between the darkness 

of the night and the light of the day unless you're

afraid of the darkness of the night."

*"Consider yourself fortunate if you live in a 

country that is free, my heart and soul go out to 

those who do not live in a country that is free."

*"Do not judge someone by their appearance, but 

by the goodness of their heart."

*"I'm 50% Germanic Europe, 3% Irish, some 

Arabian Peninsula (which includes Spain, Portugal 

and Gibraltar) and 2% Africa, so why can we not 

have peace in the world, we all have some of the 

same ancestors and are descended from Adam and 


*"Blessed are those who care so much about others."

*"Can we increase our brain power because of 

supplements we take?"

*"Unnatural behavior on our part, may cause us 

to be without friends."

Sunday, March 1, 2020

MAR 1, 2020 - KFC In Wooster, Ohio - YouTube.


I go to KFC every Sunday to get chicken and

my intentions this Sunday was to have one

of the employees do a KFC commercial, but

they were a little camera shy today.

They don't do grilled chicken at this location

anymore, so I order 4 original thighs, 2 original

legs and 2 extra crispy wings with coleslaw,

green beans, mashed potatoes & gravy. I

leave a $1 tip & a few of my business cards to

the cashier and to the one who hands to me

the white plastic bag of chicken and sides.

"It's finger licking good."

KFC stands for i'm Kind of related to Forrest

Caricofe. Caricofe is pronounced Kara cough. Besides producing YouTube videos, I publish

one page on Monday, one page on Saturday,

both on a variety of subjects and one page on

Wednesday entitled In my Opinion, go to: or just Google Forrest


I'm 77 years old and live in Smithville, Ohio and

I've been friendly since birth. I'm in excellent

health compared to others of my age because

I stand or walk instead of sitting and eat and

drink a variety of good foods and drinks as can

be seen on my YouTube videos.