Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10th post

   12:34 PM 4/29/2016

Just as I was about to leave the parkin lot of the Walmart where I sleep

and eat very well out of the trunk of my car, I seen a young man who was

highly agraphated. I had seen him the day befor and he told me then that

some dirty _ _ _ _ _ _ _ had stolen his bike. He had givin me a descriptshun of

his bike, but I told him I hadn't seen it none. Then he ass for a cigarat and I ask

for his ID. He said he was 27 years of age and that he didn't have his ID on him.

I told him, "no, you gotta have an ID". Then he becam double mad and walked


   He should'nt be smokin, anyways, becaus I've ben smokin for over 50 years,

and my docter whose name is Tigger Mathis, MD, says that I hav

COPD.  I forgot to ask the docter what COPD mint before I left the office, but

I think I got it figur some. I came to this here paradice thru Denver, CO (2nd

worse blissard I've ever seen none - 3 miles, maybe, in a hour and a half; and

tractor trailers besides the road made by the poleese to put chains on there

trucks- never seen the likes it). Bottom line, I think I done sumptin wrong when

I drove thru that state (Colorado) and COPD stands for the Colorado Poleese


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