Friday, July 22, 2016

15th post

6:54 AM 5/31/2016

15th post

I need to tel you all that I can't responce much non to any commitations you 

may make, becaus I am in a hairy to tel the stories of my life an I have seen 

no writtin gerntea that the devil or God signed as to the date of my dismiss. 

red a book once (I stopped readin books when Mother quit readin) where 

bunch of monks closeted themselves in an underground chamber pot, no 

that ain't rite, just chamber and compiled a list of dates of death of all 

peoples on earth until the year 2027. But I ain't herd of anybody who has 

this book so this ain't gonna help me none. 

So I may have time to say sum simple courtised words like thank you, 

please, your welcome, yes sir. yes mam, etc., these words I was taught to 

say as a child after learnin to say Dada and Mama.

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