Friday, July 22, 2016

16th post

7:39 AM 5/31/2016 

16th post

I never intended none for this to be a bizness website, but the kindly 

folks at Weebly (the compaknee that supports my website) might 

have thought I wanted a bizness because I paid them (Weebly) a

sum to upgrade and maybe that's an autonation thing when you do 

that.  So, it's my fault and not there's none. I ain't got nuthin to sell. 

I ain't much on collectin materlistic posessions and  I onliest have 

what I need and mostly all of that is in my car or in the small storage 

unit that I rented.  The storage place is run by a very nice Latino 

man by the name of Zeus (a Greek god I've ben told) and befor 

I forgit it, I also no another nice Latino man  by the name of Caesar 

and a man who certainly has 50 points more IQ than me tol  me that  

Caesar was a Romaine Emperor (100-44 BC). He was assissinated by

a couple of his enemas and I'm wundering if BC of post 13 had a hand

in that (Cleopatra was around at that time and you all no how he (BC) 

liked his women folk).

​I appear to sirrounded by the ancients and, I for all my thinkin sum, 

don't no what that means to me?

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