Saturday, July 23, 2016

17th post

7:05 AM 5/31/2016
17th  post

I need to wrap things up that remain undone none.

The first thing is the 12th post were I was talkin to the pretty woman.

(Roy Orbison along with ​Bill Dees wrot a song that was named 'O Pretty

 Woman' ("walkin down the street") an Roy Orbison, sung it. Sadly,

he along with a heavenly host of a lotsa of other wunderfill intertainmint

people Whitney Houston, her daughter, Prince, Michael Jackson

(perhaps the greatest inertainer of all time), Patsy Cline, Merle

Haggard, Little Jimmie Dickens, George 'no show' Jones ('the possum'

wood be alive an no showin today if that last wife of his wood hav

knot made him stop his drinkin - his body could't stand the shock

of quitten boozing an 'the possum' no showed one last time sumwhere

in Virginia).

Gettin back to the pretty woman I was talkin two. Her husband she said

was "9 years older than her and said"she was 51" so he's age 60, but if

she's a lieing like I think she is and only half the age she tol me (let's

average it out to 25, then her husband wood be 34). An to beat it all none,

they hav a son that's borned to them who is 28 years old? So she's 3 years

younger than her son and her husband is onliest 6 years older than

their son. Something is wrong hear and I think my mind is gone

sum and I believe that this is the start of me going on that grand

adventure into dementiatation.

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