Saturday, July 23, 2016

18th post

7:01 AM 5/31/2016

18th  post

I need to tel you all about my friendleness sum. I figur everybody is a

humane being and otto be reconpenced as such no matter what the color

(black, brown, red or white they are the same in His (God's) sight, like

the little Bible song we sung when we was kids). "It is never too late to

give up our prejudices" is a quote by the great American Henry David

Thoreau and I think that sums it up micely.

Just a few minutes ago, I spoke to a young hispanic woman, me being

friendleness and the like an I assed her "how many kids do you hav" an

she said "four girls" (the girls were there, two in the shoppin cart an two

clinging on to the cart and close to there Mother all dresed up there pretty

an colorful clothes they were nowadays) I assed her "how many more

you gonna hav, a boy perhaps"and she said "no four is enough" an I went

on to say what I always says to the husband an/or wife sum (Latino) that

you all have a wanderfill cents of familiar an I admire you all four being

like that (the hole familee laughing, playin patty-kake, smilin, huggin,

an the other things that close-nit familee's do) yet given those children

of theres, a long leash (like what I was given as a kidd by my parents

(my Father an Mother), but kepin one eye pointed out for their prechous

chrilden of God, to protect them (their little angels) from the evil that

lurks hear on earth.

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I like friendly people of all races and cultures.