Saturday, July 23, 2016

19th post

7:47 AM 5/31/2016

19th  post

A part of song sung by maybee George Jones an Merle Haggard

(they was good friends I've ben told, but them both hav gone on to

'Hillbilly Heaven' a song sung mayby by Tex Ritter- ain't surety I'm right

(not the left, of corse, politcion leanin on my fart).  A song sung by

'the possum' (George Jones) has a line in it that sayeth "'I'll be over you

when the gras grows over me'. I think he was talkin about Tammy Wynette

(she went to Hillbilly Heaven long befor he just did and am sure they

with God's help are a a happy couple now) becaus they got a D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

and both deerly loved each other, but just couldn't live together, drinkin,

fightin, scratchin like a dog an a cat in a cage on this earth where the devil

has a hand in people's lives.

It looks like I went a long way surround to get to the point, but that one lien

above I belief (just the last five) says it mostly; 'the gras grows over me'.

I promissed you all I wood tel about two eatin estableashmints that I liked

much an needed to catsup on that befor 'the gras grows over me.'

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