Sunday, July 24, 2016

20th post

7:44 AM 5/31/2016

20th post

I am hoppin to finality catsshup today. Them to eatin places I tol you all about

are Roy's Deli at the corner of Simmons Street and W. Craig Road in a Chevron

petrol station and U.S.S. Fish 'N' Chips & Oriental Cuisine located at 3297 N.

Las Vegas Blvd, both, of cource, located hear in the Valley of the Sun.

There is about sex ruellet machines for gamblin sum insid the Chevron station

where people sometimes lost there family's food money an then hav to take

handouts from the govermint. (the governmintal ain't got no money). The

polteashions/ambulance-chasin lawyears git rich and them poor strugglin

families in the inner cities, Applelatchin Mountains, and Rockie Mountaines

don't hardly hav a bite tu eat none). There like that ( them there dead beat

politically people) little fat boy who is the dicktator of North Korea who

onliest feeds his militarlie and his self. They say he's over 300 pounds, thu

short little *#^@.

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