Sunday, July 24, 2016

22nd post

6:43 AM 5/21/2016

22nd   post

It's a little cooler here today in this heaven on earth an I can feel it in my

bones (I am all stoved- up as my Father use to say).

I am having American flags sewed on some clothes (t-shirts, shorts, and

coats mostly, all 100% polyester becaus they you don't need to fold them

none, there light an they don't smell for a while longer than cotton does).

The lady who is sewin the flags on the my clothes is Phillipino (her name is

Josie) an her husband says he's also full blood Phillipino, but he looks like

a red-necked honkie like me and we both hav them turkey-lookin necks

that comes with age and wrinkles. Gobble, gobble.

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