Thursday, July 28, 2016

24th post

7:10 PM 5/22/2016

24th post    

I've made applications to several bigot named companknees that

put ads on your'in website an if people like you click on the adds

I can git a little monkey to by provisions for the trunk of my car.

Three outhouses of three have rejected me an I don't lick rejection

none. I think most of these high brow companies hire people for

their book learning an not for there common cents. My Father onliest

went to the 8th grade an he had more smarts than those look down

there nose at you those proffesser types. He (my Father) could cofiguation

in his head what them college graduations need a computer for today.

Father an Mother were team in another way besides bein married up

to each other.  My Father ran a constructshun business building mostly

houses and Mother kept thu books.

One of my first payin jobs was diggin footers by hand with shovel/pick

for 25 cents an hour while employed by my Father. A goodly sum back

then to my way of thinkin.

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