Wednesday, July 20, 2016

13th post

2:53 PM 5/10/2016

13th post

I promised you all that I would get to yuh after figurin some on the last post

(12), but it occured to me that mabe I oughta tell you all something about my

politicow yearnings, no I meant leanings.  I believe their (the Republicans)

are goin to the Cornhusker state next (I really like the football team based

in Lincoln and their new coach. If they would have scored a few more points

in maybe 8 games they would have been ranked in the top ten.)

I use to get the DT's when I mixed wine, beer and rotgut whisky (sometimes

I was lucky enough to get moonshine - liquid of the gods.)  So the latter hint

outta give you all a clue as to who I'm votin for.

Now, who I'm against (initials only, of cource). HC is the exact opposite of JC

(no, it ain't JC Penny). He's Jesus Christ the son God who gave his for our sins.

HC lets other people give up their life for her sins (and it's gonna take a lot

more than Bengazi to cover them all).  Her husband is BC which means befor

Christ, so he don't have tu obey any of Jesus's teachings like when most

Presidents' wore suits in the Oval Office, but I was told he once wore the

coat, but no pants?

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