Friday, July 29, 2016

25th post

6:40 AM 5/23/2016

25th post

I had jist returned tu thu Walmart parkin lot from gitten my mourin

workout an shower at thu Planet Fitness where thu " Old Vagabond"

pointed out a note on my windershield under thu viper blade that said,

"Forrest, sorry we missed you" signed maybe Polly an Don. Thu "Old

Vagabond said that there car had North Carolina licences plates.

Maybe Polly wants a cracker (I have crackers in the car if she woulda

waitered for a spell).  The use to hav dons here when the Mafia ran this

city an maybe their returnin tu deal with increase in crime witch is keepin

some of gamblin tourists away. The, thu Mafia, would 8-6 thu trouble-

makers, meaning thu Mafia wood take thu guilty ones 8 miles out an

bury them six feet deep.

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