Friday, July 29, 2016

26th post

9:12 AM 5/25/2016

26th post

Jist left Las Vegas an I'am hear in Misquite. the city of the sun (Las  Vegas)

87 miles behind me now in the sand an the dust of Intestate 15. Had my

webcam pointin to my face an talkin sum an ramblin as elderly folks

lick me oftin do. I don't noe if you all can here me speakin none because

the noise of truck and auto trafficing mighta interfered with that. And

I' am still havin troubled waters tryin to up/down? load my movin pichters

to my website. I am goin to point that their webcam around 180 degrease

an hopply captur the beauty of them mountens, plattoes,sagebrush an

other amazin views of these dessert lands.

Well, I knead to, like Wille Nelson sung in a song, 'I'am on the Road Again.'

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