Friday, July 29, 2016

27th post

8:18 AM 7/28/2016

27th post

The last I left off with you all was me on the road again none an headed

towards my la familia in Omaha, NE, a place were humility is high witch

make my old tired bones ache, but I needed to visit my son an daughter

(not blood kin, but she no real family, so we adopted her). I always

wanted a girl child an now we hav one. I consideration that that's God's

gift to us. Us means not olinest me, but my wife, (Carolyn) my disadvantage

son, (Ryan) a friend who has lived with us for alotta years (Bill) and new

young man, (Lonnie) about our son Michael's age. So, we now hav 3 boys,

2 girls (includin my wife) an two growed men an now hav thu sum of

seven.  An to add to that, we (my wife an I), hav 11 grandchildren instead

of five. Ain't that sumptin!

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