Friday, July 29, 2016

29th post

8:32 AM 5/28/2016

29th post

Back to the road north and east to Omaha. I belief I done tol  yu all that

I had a webcam witch ​I put on the dashboard facin my own face and drivin

the 80/90 mph thru thu waistlands of Nevada, Utah, an maybe sum of

Colorado with the amazin beauty of thu land formations that I described

​befor. I changed the webcam to look at this beauty at sum point in time

an stopped at a hole in the wall named Green River (Utah). There wear

no services (petrol, motels, eatin places) about 150 miles back west wear

I'd come from an maybe that minnie miles to thu east after leaven hear.

I staid in a Motel 6 (We'll leave thu light on for yu) an gassed an coffed

up the next day (needed to get over caffinated to begain the day) an

headed East (Interstat 76) towards Denver.

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