Friday, July 29, 2016

30th post

30TH  May 16

Today is Memorial Day. It is thu day we honor women and men who

died to keep our country free. Even if you cannot take part in Memorial

Day services, you can jist think about these fallin heroes today an

maybe, like me, throughout the year.

Thu followin is a list of wars fought an American deaths grouped by

most casualties; Civil War - 750,000, WWII - 405,400, WWI - 116,600,

Vietnam - 58,300, Korean - 54,300, American Revolutionary - 25,000,

War of 1812 - 15,000, Mexican American - 13,300, Iraq/Afghanistan -

6,800, Philippine American - 4,200.  (these bein the 10 with most

casualities, but many more wars were fought an we don't want to leave

them out plus the MIAs who hopefully we will find some day in the future).

An you know, maybe, jist maybe, if General Lee an General Grant

wooda sat down at a table with a glass of whiskey an talked things out,

(as well as the leaders of other wars that we fought) 750,000 casualties

woulda bin reduce to almost nothin?

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