Saturday, July 30, 2016

31st post

31st post

Back on the road (I-76) headed east towards Denver. Startin to see sum

"green, green grass of home' (words to a country song). I was in for a

mighta surprise though jist befor comin in to Denver. When I came thru

this here same route headed for the city of thu son an low humility (about

Jan 16, 2016), I ran into the 2nd worst blizzard of my lifetime. So far, up

to now, I drove up to summits of mountains, sum 8,400 feet (almost 2 miles

high) with snow along the interstate. So, my surprise was that I dropped

while drivin 4,120 feet (Denver bein thu Mile High City 4,280 feet) an ran

into one of the top ten blizzards of my life comin thru them canyons. The

older I get, the 4 letter words like rain, snow, hail (an other words like ice,

sleet) mean the weather is up to no good an don't like it none. I finaility

got thru it (the canyon blizzard) after stoppin at Vail, Colorado, I believe,

an this is were I mighta got turned around an started back west. A lotta

them Colorado towns hav them traffic circles and you can get lost mighta

fast. It's almost lick playing 'Ring Aroun thu Rosy'.  I finallity got turned

around an raced to Denver were you can easy git thru as long as you stay

off them interstates with 3 numbers.  I saw a a sign that said Ft. Morgan

(about 45 miles) an new I was headed in the rite direction, becaus I stayed

there (Ft. Morgan) when I was travelin west to them desert lands. I musta

slept in the car because I don't remember sleepin in no motel. Had to find

me a place befor darkness set in (I hav glaucoma an my side vision ain't to

good) an found a motel jist short of Ft. Morgan.  It was called the Keene

Motel an was a lot nicer than the Motel 6  I stayed at in Green River, Utah.

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