Saturday, July 30, 2016

32nd post

9:14 AM 6/1/2016

32nd post

It rained "cats an dogs" after leaven the Keene Motel, but I was on the

flatlands of thu midwest, now, an the roads (Interstate 80) were straight

and true. The speed limit was 75 mph, but most,folks lick me, a travelin,

were pedal to thu medal doin 85 to 95 mph.  I figured that I wood hav to

go about 500 miles today to git to my son an daughter-law's place in

Omaha, Nebraska.

​These prairie lands are opposite them desert lands I left several days

ago. Lush, green grass and trees of a wide variety, whereas the oasis

I jist left behind had onliest cacti, palm trees, and few other plant life

that could surive the heated sands of time.

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