Sunday, July 31, 2016

33rd post

6:25 AM 7/31/2016

2 June 16

33rd post

Traffic increased alot as me and my car drove thru Lincoln (named

after a great American president an home to the cornhuskers football

team). Got to Omaha (a native American indian tribe) jist in time to goto

a gas staytion and auto repair shop that I like because they don't

fix nuthin that ain't broke an what needs doin, they do at a reasonibility

price.  I kneaded an oil change (best oil, best filter) an a new muffler.

Deb and Sean mostly run thu shop a scheduled me for the Wednesday

folling becaus of Memorial Day. They (Regency Auto Repair) did the oil

change on the scheduled day, butt refurred me to All-Pro Mufflers (Deb

said they were awsome at a reasonable price). All-Pro replaced the muffler

an the pipe from the converter to the muffler for about $211, while ether

Goodyear or Firestone in Las Vegas wanted $371 jist to replace the muffler.

It ain't rite how they fleece folks.

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