Sunday, July 31, 2016

35th post

7:50 PM 6/6/2016

35th post

Left Omaha this mornin about 7:00 AM. Crossed the Missouri River whitch

is thu border betwitch Nebraska and Iowa. Iowa has gamblin casinos, but

they must be near the river unlike that desert place I left were you can

gamble almost everwere and they ain't hardly got a drop to drink. Iowa

is over 300 miles long on Interstate 80 or you can go not fur south

aways an take 92 east witch I took goin west cummin the other direction

toward Omaha an that place in the sun in Nevada.

Iowa is mostly rollin hills an mostly straight an ever once in a while you'll

see them fancy dan long, tall an white windmills their blades turnin slowly

with thu wind.

Met a lot of people along the way. Most people don't object to me bein

friendly none, but remember a man at a rest area who said "why do you

want know?" after I asked " how you doin.?" Kinda sad that people hav to

live that way. Met another man, too, a police man.

I had done a half butt u-turn tryin to find way abouts to connect to US Route

24 goin east. I get lost a lot in these small towns were you hav to, sometimes,

take 5 or 6 rite or left turns to stay on the correct route. (I hav a GPS on my

cellular telephone, butt I don't know how to use it yet).

The poleesman motioned me over (both still in our cars) an said "It's against

the law in the state of Indiana to make a u-turn on a city street." Cannot

remberences what my response was, (maybe,"appreciate it") but me bien

polite an the like i'm sure it was'nt anything to git the polessman's dandruff

up. He assked "witch way are you heading" an I said Route 24 east. He said

"go straight ahead and and it will turn into route 24 east," an I was on my way.

I've had a lot of confrontations with thu police an this was one of my butter ones.

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