Sunday, July 31, 2016

36th post

6:51 PM 6/11/2016

37th post

I new a guy once who was a arrogant @#&%#@ which rimes with

@#&%#@.  He said he was the bruther of Mother Teresa, had won the

Nobel Prize (what does Nobel mean - they musta had a bell to announce

thu winner, butt lost it - onliest thing I can think of ? They shoulda took

the bell befor they lost it  an beat them two democratics that didn't deserve

the Nobel Prize no how over the head a spell). If you all don't what I'm

talkin about, one invented the internet (sure he did) an the other lives in

that house painted white that I spoke about in one of my posts.

Well, seems my mind is wunderin again. Back to thu @#&%#@.  He said

he was a Saint an "perfect in everyway" like that song that Mac Davis sung

(Google it - YouTube oughta do it for watching what that @#&%#@ thinks

he is. I think he is a damm lying @#&%#@.

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