Sunday, July 31, 2016

37th post

6:33 PM 6/12/2016

37th post

Goin on east on US 24 changed to US 224 at Hunington, Indiana an after

crossing thu Ohio border, I took US 30 at Van Wert. US 30 is much like

an interstate becaus of the speed limit of 75 MPH with dueling lanes goin

east an west. I figured when driving from Omaha that Iowa was 300 miles,

Illinois was 150 miles, Indiana was 150 miles an Ohio was 200 miles (all

west tu east) an counting thu miles it took to avoid Chicago (about 100)

an thu miles I spent in bein lost (50) came to a grandiose total of 950

miles. It may seem like a waste of time to you me knot takin Interstate 80

all the way, butt I almost got killed once while drivin in a fog (Chicago) an

them dam toll booths so clothes together aggravaite me a hell of alot.

And addle to that, at lease 2 people or more are killed there (Chicago)

every day. If Abraham Lincoln was alive today, he put a stop to it an

you know the other two govermintal officals (one is a big wheel in Chicago,

the mayor maybe an the other lives in a house painted white in a city named

after the first president of our country) ain't gonna do nuthin.

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