Saturday, July 16, 2016

5th post

Went down by one of them city buses to the Las Vegas strip today (some of

them girls down there where nearly stripped- hardly no clothes at all).  Maybe

that's why they call it the strip. I was lookin for a place that holds events where

I 'm suppose to have a job walking thru the seats selling beer to minors and

water (no ice) to grownups  like me. I might have got this turned around some,

but what the hell, ($8 a beer)  I'll be dam if  pay that much. That's a goodly

sum to my way of drinking. I talked to a lot of people today, me being friendly

and the like, and their and my stories keep piling up and I'm getting further

and further behind with the telling of memories of days long gone.

Before I bed down in my car for the night, I must tell you what you might think

is cuss words from above (dam and hell). The ain't cuss words. I had a

micro manager supervisor once, who did not like me a using them

cuss words and he told me so. Well, I told him "they ain't cuss words. I said to

him, "a dam is a structure that holds back water and hell is where you're going."

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