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12th post

  7:08 AM 5/31/2016

 12th post

A woman in a large SUV (Suck Up to Victoria (Queen of Hearts) maybe?)

(These dam actronimes confuse me- spell it out!) pulled up rite bsid

me whil I was settin in my car and she seen me and looked a little worried,

probably thinkin some that I mit ass for money or mite harm her some.  I ain't

read the Bible much, maybe the first page of Ginisus, but I think that it spells

out that both (harm someone or beg for money when you got enough) are

more than one sin's worth.  The Ten Commandants covers partly some of this,

but sadly, they are takin these tablets of the

The Ten Commandants down from where they should be all over this country.  I won't
harm one or beg for money!

When the lady got back to her SUV, she seemed more relaxed and we started

talkin some. The ​first lye she told me was that her husband was visitin some sick

friends in a hospital in Washington state and he happen to pass by the pitchur

winder (Hank Williams said it like that so that's good enough for me) where they

showed off the pretty newborned babies.  Girl babies in pink and boy babies in

blue, of course, like they use to always do. And she said she was one of the

newborns and he took a likin to her, in a crib dressed all up in pink and ​such and

decided to marry up with her rite then and there.  But he had to wait a spell, she

being a baby and such, but they being from the same city (Seattle), he was able

to watch her grow up until she was of marryin age and they got married up and

lived happily ever after.

Well, I don't mean that's the end of the there story.  They moved from Seattle

where it rains "rains cats and dogs" to where God made a paradice hear in the

wastlands of Southern Nevada. You, see, what I can't understand none is that the

pretty woman said she was 51 years old and her nice husband was 9 years her

senior and she looks about half the years she said she was and to beat it all she

said she had a son that was 28. Their is a lot of figurin I need to do do here and I

ain't up to now, so I'll rest a spell and come back when I got it figured out some.

Oh, I forgot sumpim she told me.  The population of this paradice (Las Vegas) is

over 2 million people, not the over 650,000 I told you all befor.  That population

figure was maybe the year of my birthrite which was 1942.

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