Friday, July 22, 2016

14th post

7:16 AM    5/31/2016

14th post

There is a couple a eatin places that i come accross recently in this desert 

city that I'd like speak sum on.  Probably the best kept secrets (not Victories')

in this melting pot in this beautiful valley surrounded on four side by 7000 

to 8000 foot snowcapped mountain peaks. It's been in the 90 degresded 

level, mostly, for a whil, but it don't none affect the beauty of the snow as

long as it (the snow)  stays where it is and  I stay were I'am. I don't no why

they have wether people hear, becaus the it (the wether) never changes 

mostly none. I believe that the wether that is showed on TV is for mostly 

old and boring people like myself who hav nuthin, else to talk a bout. 

Sad, ain't none.  And another thing, why do they use so-cawled beautiful

people ( like those better than you Holywood types) with facebook, 

facelick, or facelift faces (I don't remebrances the exact name of the 

sirgegull procedure none) and hire ether women or men based on there

warm heart.  God and his son, Jesus, would shirley love us for doing


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