Wednesday, July 20, 2016

11th post

7:36 AM 5/31/2016

   11th post

Do you no who rules the world? Hell, everybody nose that. It's Mothers!!  And

this is Mother's Day for most in the USA.  Most of  familias south of the border

to includ Mexico, Latin American, and South America celebrate Mother's Day

on May 10, a cultural belief I've been told. It don't matter none. We can

celebrate Mothers Day (whether our Mother is livin here on earth or God has

taken her to Heaven) any day of the year or every day of the year!!  A song

some time ago was named 'Whoever Rocks the Cradle Rules the World.'  Can't

argue with that none. herd a rumore once that a man said he was gonna have a

baby. He is a dam lyer , the hasswhole ​and a ******** to boot (I don' t want my

tellins labeled Parentle Guideence so I'll just use those prettie star like things and

say that the word rymes with ********).

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