Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7th post

I certainly should have told you before that I have a family.  A wife, of course, 

and two sons and two friends.  We all live (except for me at the present time- you

know where I am at) in a home we own in Smithville, Ohio, USA.  One of my

friends has a serious illness and it would do him good to come to this paradise of

the brillant morning sun. He surely would benefit from from the average

humility of 20% I have been told.  I'm try to influence them to move here

to this valley that God created from these dessert lands.  They ain't budgeting

yet, but I will not give up  (maybe you all remember the children's book,

'The Little Engine that Could' I talked about earlier, so I'll keep on trying.

When I first looked for a place in the sun (used this here computer that I one

finger type on), Phoenix was a possible choice, (2nd to Las Vegas in lowest

humidity, I believe), but they say that there is a bunch of old people down there

and I don't want to hang around boring old people like me.

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