Sunday, July 24, 2016

21st post

8:39 AM 5/31/2016

21st  post

I never did none finality of them to eatin places. (you know, I jest thought

of sumptin, maybe sum of you all don't understand Southern talk none,

so I suggest you yankee/carpetbaggers git close to a Southern Belle or

a Country Gentleman and let them translate from the from that yankee talk

of  your'n tu thu beauty of thu Southern talk we speak).

I was up to that Chevron gasolean station today were Ray's Deli is inside.

Didn't want no sandwitch today since I steal hav part of the one I first

bought, Still iced down in the trunk of my car were I sleep each nite.

I wood highlee recommendation ​them (Ray's Deli) to you all becaus of

there deleashus submarine delights.

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