Wednesday, July 20, 2016

8th post

I still needed to buy a devise to take a video to match up with my writings

I've been doing, so I bought for myself, for a goodly sum of money, a web

cam they called it. The store I bought it in was called Walmart and the young

man who convinced me to buy wore no name tag. I normality ask working folks

what their name is (if their not worrying a name tag, me being friendly and the

like. Well, I didn't, so that's at least a half sin in my book. That web cam

( I wonder if it's named after Cam Newton). The young man with no name tag

said the police have web cams in their patrol cars. It's gonna take me

a while to train myself up on this web cam, so you all have to be patient

for a spell. I still wandering what those police are using that web cam for.

I'm guessing now, but maybe, just maybe, they needing it to groom themselves ,

like keeping up their appearances (their is a TV show with a similar name I

like, (she's sure something ain't she) or, just maybe their taking videos of

young women's legs in cars that get close enough for that. It  be a dam shame if

they did it.

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