Saturday, July 16, 2016

4th post

Seems I always forget to tell you all something, and if there is no one

reading, I just talkin to myself.  I don't mind none though, because I live

alone in my car with everything I need, including shelter (the car, of

course), food (in the trunk, iced downed every night) and my self-esteem,

cause I don't see people long enough for them to take it (self-esteem)

from me. And I can tell you where am at.

It's called Hawaii's 9th island and is kind of melting pot for all kinds of

beautiful island people and native Americans. There is Afro-American and

and palefaces like me here, too.  All these people, except me

(the paleface), have a wealth of family history - bloodlines extending

forever and ever to create a more than amazing family tree, whereas I have

one - German - and I am ashamed of that for what they did to God's

chosen people.

The name, of this paradise in this valley of the sun, means 'the meadows'

in the beautiful romance language of the Spaniards.  It's name (this oasis

in the middle of the desert) is Las Vegas.

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