Tuesday, August 16, 2016

158th post

6:14 AM 8/15/2016

158th post

What I've been doing is telling stories of my life from the beginning and

in the past (post 1) and just doing that ain't going to work because I believe

you would like to hear about the present, too.

You see, I've completed 158 blogs so far and another one this evening

(159th blog), so that means I do two blogs a day.

So from now on, I'll post the two blogs I do everyday and at least one from

the past and hopefully catch up at sometime in the future.,,,,,

And blog number 158:

I've talked before about me growning up in the South and where, but for

those who are new to reading the stories of my life or have forgotten,

perhaps, I will tell you all again. It was Dayton, Virginia near the county

seat of Harrisonburg and both are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

It was there that us kids were taught the cardinal rule of lady's first. It was

almost like it was the Eleventh Commandment. It meant to open a door for

a lady, to let a lady go first if you both (me and her) came to an intersection

together like in Walmart and added to that and above all we were taught

to use words like yes mam, excuse me, please and thank you to a lady.

What I'm leading up to......  TO BE CONTINUED.

Christ the Redeemer:

Thanks to BBC News.

"An early design was dubbed Christ with a ball

The first proposal was for a bronze statue of Christ on Sugar Loaf - the giant

lump of rock with a smooth, curved summit that rises out of the ocean at

the entrance to Guanabara Bay. But it was soon decided that Corcovado

(“hunch back”) - a peak in the forested hills behind the city - was a better


Da Silva Costa, whose design was chosen in February 1922, imagined the

statue facing the rising sun: “The statue of the divine saviour shall be the

first image to emerge from the obscurity in which the earth is plunged and

to receive the salute of the star of the day which, after surrounding it with

its radiant luminosity, shall build at sunset around its head a halo fit for the

Man-God,” he wrote."

History of the Olympics:

Thanks to

"During the Games, most of the athletes live in the Olympic Village, or a

small furnished home that provides food, health treatments, and religious

centers. The International Olympic Committee continues to strive to meet

all of the cultural standards of the participating countries without exercising

discrimination, although it has received criticism from those who do not feel

that the Olympics should divide sporting events according to disability.

In the past, disabled athletes have participated in the regular Olympics

despite their disability. Today, the same opportunity exists; however,

critics still feel that the division promotes social inequality at a sporting

event meant to bring unity."

This is day 11 of the XXXI Olympiad.

USA:                          26 gold, 23 silver, 26 bronze for a total of 75.

Great Britain:            16 gold, 17 silver, 8 bronze for a total of 41.

China:                       15 gold, 14 silver, 17 bronze for a total of 46.

Russia:                      11 gold, 12 silver, 12 bronze for a total of 35.

Italy:                           8 gold, 9 silver, 6 bronze for a total of 23.

The top five in medal standings have staid the same since last evening.

Only one country has won any medals since last evening and that was team

USA with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Maybe it's because of the time distance compared to here. Rio de Janerio

is one hour ahead of us like the middle of the Atlantic Ocean daylight savings

time meaning mostly that they go to bed before us. TO BE CONTINUED.

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