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159th post

6:19 AM 8/15/2016

159th post

Note. If you are confused, please read my 158th post from this morning.

And from this morning "what I'm leading up to" is that we have learned

something about the vice presendential canidates over the last two days,

so now let's find out some facts about the presendential canidates. One

is a woman and one is a man, so "whose on first"?, no Forrest, that's not

right, it's who goes first. Well, you know who it is. It's Hillary Clinton and

because she's a woman, she goes first. Some facts about Hillary Clinton:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

67th United States Secretary of State. In office January 21, 2009 – February

1, 2013

President Barack Obama

Deputy Jim Steinberg and Bill Burns

Preceded by Condoleezza Rice

Succeeded by John Kerry

United States Senator from New York. In office January 3, 2001 – January 21, 2009

First Lady of the United State. In role January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001

President Bill Clinton

Preceded by Barbara Bush

Succeeded by Laura Bush

First Lady of Arkansas In role January 11, 1983 – December 12, 1992

Governor Bill Clinton. In role January 9, 1979 – January 19, 1981

Personal details

Born Hillary Diane Rodham

October 26, 1947 (age 68)

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Political party Democratic (since 1968)

Other political affiliations Republican (before 1968)

Spouse(s) Bill Clinton (m. 1975)

Children Chelsea

Alma mater Wellesley College (B.A.) Yale University (J.D.)


Christ the Redeemer:

Thanks to BBC News.

"His initial design showed Christ carrying a large cross, which he hugged to

his body with one hand, while holding a celestial globe with the other. Some

 people made fun of it, calling it “Christ with a ball”.

Carlos Oswald's drawings show how the design developed

As he studied the Corcovado from various vantage points in the city - at

that point topped with a radio transmission tower erected by Westinghouse -

a new design took shape. In this new version, developed with artist Carlos

Oswald, Christ was himself the cross, his outstretched arms signifying the

redemption of mankind at the crucifixion.

But the new design introduced new challenges. Da Silva Costa had already

concluded the structure would need to be huge, to be visible from the city

centre 4km (2.5 miles) away. It would also have to be immensely strong, to

support the massive arms. Da Silva Costa decided on reinforced concrete,

“the material of the future” as he saw it, and headed for Europe in 1924 to

seek help from the leading French engineer in the field, Albert Caquot.

History of the Olympics:

Thanks to

"The modern Olympic Games had its share of cancellations at the height of

the First and Second World Wars. For the Games that did commence during

these turbulent times, a heavy sense of nationalism emerged that was well

conveyed during the Games. In today's unstable political, economic, and

social climate, the Games face potential cancellations from struggling

countries as mirrored during the early 1900s. In fact, the International

Olympic Committee raised their eyebrow as to whether London could host

the 2012 Olympics after its flare of riots in 2011."


Thiago da Silva won Brazil's first athletics gold of their home Games on an
unforgettable night in Rio. He became the host nation’s new and unexpected

hero after coming into the Games with a personal best of 5.93 and improving

it by 10cm in the final, setting the new Olympic record. Da Silva is Brazil’s

first male athletics gold medal winner since Joaquim Cruz in the 800m in



This is day11 of the XXXI Olympiad.

USA:                           28 gold, 28 silver, 27 bronze for a total of 83.

Great Britain:            18 gold, 18 silver, 12 bronze for a total of 48.

China:                        15 gold, 15 silver, 18 bronze for a total of 48.

Russia:                          12 gold, 12 silver, 114 bronze for a total of 38.

Germany:                     11 gold, 7 silver, 6 bronze for a total of 24.

Team USA picked up 8 medals, Great Britain 7, China 2, Russia 3 and Germany

picked up 3 gold medals to replace Italy at number 5.

And continuing from this morning ....

And there's something else I like to say. I was wanting to go to the Olympics

so I had to decide on distance and mode of travel to Rio. The distance in

land miles is by plane ("as the crow flies") or driving is Southeast and

8169 kilometers (5067 miles) or 4411 nautical miles.

I don't like air travel (I much to heavy for the back of a crow) because

you're not in control of any part of the plane and if it goes down you're just

a part of group of people who are screaming toward their death towards

land or sea.

I don't like ocean or water travel because I was on a troop ship once and a

couple of other boats and always got sea sick.

I thought of driving, but I have Glaucoma and cateracts and it's hard to drive

at night because of that.

You know something about what I said about me going to Rio? That was a

lie. You have to be careful about believing everything people say.

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