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165th post

As you remember from this morning, I told you how a lot of people spent their


Well, my day is far different. I only spend, on the average, 1.5 hours pooping 

and peeing and the same (1.5 hours) for eating unless I have to refill my containers

with canned food, like collard greens, white hominy, and wild caught Alaskan 

salmon and then it might be 2 hours at most.  And I chew my food real good, too

(they say that you should chew your food 22 times and I get pretty close to that).

I only sleep about 7 hours so I'm up to 10.5  hours for the day. I might spend 0.5

hours watching TV and now I'm at 11 hours. I spend about 5 hours typing these 

stories of my life (blogs), so now I'm up to 16. 

And now I have 1/3rd of the day (8 hours) left to do what I want to do.

Christ the Redeemer:

Thanks to BBC News.

“We’re privileged to have a view of Christ – it’s a symbol of our community,” 

says Daniel Nascimento who sells a popular Brazilian sorbet made from the 

Amazonian acai berry.

“I’m not religious so for me, it’s just one of the most beautiful places in Rio. 

There’s a trail here up the hill to Corcovado that only the residents know 

about – it’s something special.”

Olympic Flags

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"In 1997, at a banquet hosted by the US Olympic Committee, a reporter was 

interviewing Hal Haig Prieste who had won a bronze medal in platform 

diving as a member of the 1920 US Olympic team. The reporter mentioned 

that the IOC had not been able to find out what had happened to the original 

Olympic flag. "I can help you with that," Prieste said, "It's in my suitcase." 

At the end of the Antwerp Olympics, spurred on by team-mate Duke 

Kahanamoku, he climbed a flagpole and stole the Olympic flag. For 77 years 

the flag was stored away in the bottom of his suitcase. The flag was returned 

to the IOC by Prieste, by then 103 years old, in a special ceremony held at the 

2000 Games in Sydney.... The original Antwerp Flag is now on display at the 

Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a plaque thanking him for

donating it.....

Oslo flag....

The Oslo flag was presented to the IOC by the mayor of Oslo, Norway during 

the 1952 Winter Olympics. Since then, it has been passed to the next organizing 

city for the Winter Olympics. Currently, the actual Oslo flag is kept preserved 

in a special box, and a replica has been used during recent closing ceremonies 


Seoul flag....

Flag of South Korea alongside an Olympic Flag in Olympic Park, Seoul

As a successor to the Antwerp Flag,.... the Seoul flag was presented to the 

IOC at the 1988 Summer Olympics by the city of Seoul, South Korea, and has 

since then been passed on to the next organizing city of the Summer Olympics.

Singapore flag....

For the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, an Olympic flag was created for 

the junior version of the Games. The flag is similar to the Olympic flag, but

has the host city and year on it and was first presented to Singapore by IOC 

President Jacques Rogge..... During the closing ceremony on 

26 August 2010, Singapore officials presented it to the next organizing 

committee, Nanjing 2014...."

BBC Sport Rio 2016 

Rio Olympics 2016: Laura Trott & Jason Kenny - Britain's golden couple

By Tom Fordyce

Chief sports writer in Rio

"As a young girl she preferred trampolining to her bike, only to be forced to 

give it up after repeatedly passing out in mid-air. "I kept getting dehydrated 

during sessions, because you had to go out of the room to get a drink, and I 

was like, 'Nah, I'll carry on bouncing'."

That's the heroic stuff. Not everything she does ends in such glorious success,

"Laura is the sort of person who can ruin a baked potato in a microwave," 

says Adrian. "We've always cooked with gas at home, but when she first moved 

into the British Cycling academy flats in Manchester, they had electricity 

instead. She put a potato in the oven to bake and thought she'd turned the 

gas on - except she'd put the grill on instead. Pretty soon it was on fire. She 

smoked the whole flat out."

So it is that Kenny tends to be entrusted with kitchen duties.

After becoming the first British woman to win three Olympic gold medals, 

Laura Trott wrote on Instagram: "Checks under pillow.. this really did 

happen last night" "He is a very good cook," says Lorraine. "He now does 

a brilliant Sunday roast, although he never used to cook when he lived at 

home. He says Laura is the bad influence, that she's the one who buys the 

chocolate. "He gets his sporting genes from me. I used to run 100m and 200m. 

His dad Michael is very self-disciplined, and Jason has inherited that from him.

"Unlike me, he copes well under pressure. I have to force myself to watch 

him in big finals. I used to put my hands over my eyes, but then he lost a race

when I was doing that so I've had to go back to actually looking.

"When they were younger, we took both our boys to different sports - they 

were lively lads, so we were trying to keep them out of mischief. We were 

just an ordinary family, and he was an ordinary boy doing ordinary things.

"He's not changed at all. He's just Jason. His elder brother Craig is the 

chatterbox, so maybe Jason thought he never needed to talk. But he has 

a fantastic sense of humor. It's so dry I think sometimes people don't get it."

When they return to the UK, Trott and Kenny will wind down by walking their 

two dogs, springer-poodle crosses named Pringle and Sprolo. In September 

they will get married. Already they have turned down an offer to have it 

featured in a magazine.

Fame has never been the driving force. Kenny may have 54,000 followers 

on Twitter, but he last tweeted in early July. Trott may have won more 

Olympic gold medals than any other British woman, but the motivation 

remains pure.

"It isn't a job to me, but if it did feel like one, it would be a dream job," she 

says. "All I do is ride my bike for four hours a day and then lie on the sofa 

for the rest of it. I don't feel like I'd ever fall out of love with it."

And each understands exactly what the other is going through. How could 

they not, when together they have turned a cottage in Cheshire into a medal 


"If I was in a relationship with someone outside cycling," says Trott, "just 

imagine how hard it would be. I'd have to explain everything from scratch."

This is day 14 of the XXXI Olympiad.

From CBS Sports Olympic medal tracker

USA:                       37 gold, 34 silver, 32 bronze for a total of 103.

Great Britain:          24 gold, 21 silver, 13 bronze for a total of 58.

China:                     22 gold, 18 silver, 25 bronze for a total of 65.

Russia:                    13 gold, 16 silver, 19 bronze for a total of 48.

Germany:                13 gold, 8 silver, 13 bronze for a total of 34.

China won the most medals (7) since this morning and Russia won a gold medal

and traded places with Germany in the top five. 

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