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My grandfather was very innovative. Most families at the time had outhouses,

but he had an indoor toilet that could be flushed along with needs of spring

water in the house from a pump down the hill about 150 yards to Naked Creek.

There was a cistern at the north side door on the left just a few short steps to the

first step. You could turn the handle of the old cistern and eventually get a

good draw of water and maybe they use it for boiling hard boiled eggs or

something that would make that old water young again. TO BE CONTINUED.

Christ the Redeemer:

Thanks to BBC News.

According to Marcio Roiter, president of Brazil's Art Deco Institute, Christ the

Redeemer has multiple meanings - "for each person a different meaning".

As he sees it, it's not explicitly religious. "It's more like somebody giving you a

hug - welcoming you."

Credits: BBC News: Authors Donna Bowater in Rio,Stephen Mulvey and

Tanvi Misra in London. Published: 10 March 2014

Developer: Richard Bangay

Production: Catherine Wynne

Design: Paul Finn

Editor: Giles Wilson....

 The three Olympic pillars: sport, education, culture....

Paralympic symbols


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Olympic Salute sculpted by Gra Rueb, sculpted for the 1928 Summer

Olympics in Amsterdam. The Olympic salute is a variant of the Roman salute,

with the right arm and hand are stretched and pointing upward, the palm

is outward and downward, with the fingers touching. However, the arm is

raised higher and at an angle to the right from the shoulder.... The greeting

is visible on the official posters of the games at Paris 1924.... and Berlin



Since the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, the Olympic Games

have had a mascot, usually an animal native to the area or occasionally

human figures representing the cultural heritage. The first major mascot

in the Olympic Games was Misha in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Misha was used extensively during the opening and closing ceremonies,

had a TV animated cartoon and appeared on several merchandise products.

Nowadays, most of the merchandise aimed at young people focuses on the

mascots, rather than the Olympic flag or organization logos.

Intellectual property....

The Olympic Movement is very protective of its symbols; as many

jurisdictions have given the movement exclusive rights to any

interlocking arrangement of five rings, and usage of the word

"Olympic". They have taken action against numerous groups alleged

to have violated this trademark, including the Gay Games; the

Minneapolis-based band The Hopefuls, formerly The Olympic

Hopefuls; Redneck Olympics or Redneck Games; Awana Clubs

International, a Christian youth ministry who used the term for its

competitive games; and Wizards of the Coast, publisher at the time

of the IOC's complaint of the card game Legend of the Five Rings.

But a few companies have been successful in using the Olympic name,

such as Olympic Paint, which even has a paintbrush in the form of a

torch as its logo, and the former Greek airline Olympic Airlines.

Certain other sporting organizations and events have been granted

permission by the IOC to use the word "Olympics" in their name,

such as Special Olympics, an international sporting event held every

four years for people with intellectual disabilities.

In recent years, organizing committees have also demanded the

passing of laws to combat ambush marketing by non-official sponsors

during the Games (such as the London Olympic Games and Paralympic

Games Act 2006), putting heavy restrictions on using any term or

imagery that could constitute an unauthorized association with the

games, including mere mentioning of the host city, the year, and others....

Modern Olympics movement....

The Olympic mascot: an animal native to the area or occasionally human

figures representing the cultural heritage of the place where the Olympic

Games are held.

The Olympic Oath: an oath to commit to competition in sport within the

rules without doping. First taken at the 1920 Summer Olympics by the

athletes, this was expanded to the judges at the 1972 Winter Olympics,

and at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, to the coaches.

The Olympic poster: the poster of every edition of the Olympic Games,

usually combining the Olympic aim with some elements representing

the host city or country and its culture."

This is day 16 of the XXXI Olympiad.

From CBS Sports Olympic medal tracker

USA:                          45 gold, 37 silver, 35 bronze for a total of 120.

Great Britain:             27 gold, 23 silver, 17 bronze for a total of 67.

China:                        26 gold, 18 silver, 26 bronze for a total of 70.

Russia:                      19 gold, 18 silver, 19 bronze for a total of 56.

Germany:                  17 gold, 10 silver, 15 bronze for a total of 42.

They say that not all countries will see the Olympic Closing Ceremony live

wanting, I know, to have everyone in their prime time view the ceremony

and the commercials.

The only change in the standings that I can see from above might between

Great Britain and China and between Russia and Germany.

I need to go out in the yard and flower beds to do some weeding, re-planting

and watering. If there's changes at the XXXI Olympiad I'll let you know in the


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