Tuesday, August 23, 2016

173rd post


And I ended this morning by saying "Well, at least we're in the car and east on

Ottobine Road towards US State Route 42. And we'll get there, I promise."

But I ain't going to talk very long because I talked to my brother Roland today.

My Father always drove pedal to medal and brake to brake meaning to me, at

least, that he stepped on the gas to the floor when moving from a standstill

and the brake to the floor when stopping and would run red-lights if he didn't

see anybody coming thru the green-light to the right or left (he treated it like

a 4-way stop that I believe they call an all stop today). About a half a football

away of getting to US State Route 42, I remember the time I used to deliver

the Washington Compost (that's what my brother calls the Washington Post).

I had a bicycle with a large basket to fit the paper and all of a sudden.....


Roland wants to quit the tree work that's been his occupation for a lot of years,

but someone seems to always need him to cut down trees, trim trees or shrubs,

or do stump removal. It's amazing how he can still do that type work at age 70.

He said, with our youngest brother Jerry's help, he bought a place at Lake Wales,

Florida. It's a gated community and Mother and I have visited my Uncle E. C.

and Aunt Ruth, my Mother's younger sister there. Roland said the initial price

for the place was $30,000 and he offered the owners $21,000 and when they

made a counter offer they said $22,000. TO BE CONTINUED.....

 Summary of the XXXI Olympiad.



"The Games were far from trouble free. Even after the authorities deployed

an 85,000-strong security force to ease crime fears, Portugal’s education

minister was robbed at knife-point. An Olympic bus carrying journalists

was attacked by people throwing rocks.

Outside the Olympic bubble, gun battles between the police and drug

gangs in Complexo do Alemão, a collection of favelas, the poor urban areas

that emerged as squatter settlements, were a stubborn reminder of the

untamed violence and yawning inequities in a city that officials had

promised would be the world’s safest during the Games.

A police officer deployed to Rio for the Games was killed when the vehicle

he was in came under fire in a favela controlled by drug gangs. The

killing of the officer, Hélio Vieira Andrade, from Roraima State in the

Brazilian Amazon, focused scrutiny on Rio’s priorities during the Olympics.

“There wasn’t even a tear shed for him in the ocean that was the Olympics,

” Fernando Gabeira, a politician and writer, said, noting the contrast with

emotions expressed around the victories and defeats of Brazil’s athletes."

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...”

― Susan Polis Schutz

From Good Reads

On the calendar upstairs (I'm at the computer downstairs in the basement)

which we keep for appointments there is a note on the left hand side under

the 11th of the month (August) that says "Dog Days End" that says "Water

plants early in the morning. Less water will be lost to evaporation from winds

and the refreshed plants will be able to face the heat of the midday."

And that's what I'm going to do starting in the morning.

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