Wednesday, August 24, 2016

174th post


And I said "and all of a sudden....." while delivering my load of newspapers,

(the road conditions must have been slick with rain or snow) my bike slide to

the right, the wheels sliding to the left, I as a result I slide down and forward

the right and my newspapers as a result spread forward like dominoes for

about 20 feet.

Back to Father driving Mother and us kids to our grandparents for Sunday

dinner. As we approached the T-junction of Ottobine Road (if this is also US

State Route 257 then it dog-legs to the south in Bridgewater about two miles

away) and US State Route 42 was only a two lane road and not the 4 lane road

it is today. At the T-junction, I believe, was a single stop sign that stopped

cars from turning left or right on to US State Route 42 until the coast was clear.

Father stopped, then turned right headed towards Bridgewater.


Back to my brother next to me in age, but younger, Roland. I left off with him

buying a place in Lake Wales, Florida for $22,000. So with Roland having a

place, Jerry and his wife, Janet, having a place and my Uncle E.C. and Aunt

Ruth having a place (they were the first family snowbirds to buy a place at

Lake Wales and have had it for, I'm guessing, 20 years more or less).


Summary of the XXXI Olympiad.



"Transportation gridlock frustrated visitors as they rushed between events

on opposite sides of a sprawling metropolis. And many people complained

about the glaring sight of empty seats, even at the closing ceremony, partly

the result of unsold tickets that proved unaffordable to the working poor.

The organizers seemed to stumble on several fronts, at least early on.

Long security lines and shortages of food at some sites left spectators

grumbling. A mysterious green tint in the diving and water polo pools

was highly embarrassing.

In the country as a whole, Brazilians gave mixed assessments as to whether

hosting the Olympics had been worth the expense and effort. Sixty-two

percent said the Games were damaging for the country, compared with

just 30 percent who saw the Olympics as bringing gains, according to a

public opinion survey released on Sunday by Ibope, a Brazilian polling


Still, 57 percent of Brazilians said that the Olympics had generated a more

positive image of the country around the world, according to Ibope.

The poll, conducted from Aug. 11 to 15 in interviews with 2,002 people,

had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus two percentage points....

Those mixed feelings produced something of a paradox: a “wasteful event

that worked out,” in the words of José Roberto de Toledo, a columnist

for the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, who analyzed the poll."

World News - Central Italy has had a massive 6.2 earthquake and Pope Francis,

like always, is sadden by death of children.

Politics - My opinion - Donald Trump ain't no George Washington and Hillary

Clinton is like her husband, Bill Clinton. He said "I did not have sex with that

woman" (sure he didn't) and she said "I came under fire (gunfire) in Serbia"

(sure she did).

“it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!”

― Kenny Chesney

From Good Reads

I will go out as soon as this is posted to water the plants as I promised last


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