Monday, August 29, 2016

184th post

CONTINUED FROM LAST NIGHT.... .... Aunt Juanita married a carpenter, Uncle Ken (they called him Shug). She and Uncle Ken had four girls; Judy, Betty, Debbie and Linda in that order I think. Judy was close to my age, but younger and she said that her Father (my Uncle Ken) use to chase his them around the kitchen table laughing and having a good old time. I do not remember her or her sisters being at grandmother's when we were there. Aunt Lottie married a painter, Uncle Dallas and they had one son, Johnny who was older than his and my Uncle Paul. Both of them were a little older than me and Johnny was probably at grandmother's house a time or two playing down in the dirt in front of the house or playing baseball in the back with Uncle Paul, my brother, Roland and me.... TO BE CONTINUED.... If you go to on the internet, you can watch the seconds tick down to the 2016 Presidential Election instead of setting near the window or on the porch and watching the grass grow. There are 71 days, 1,719 hours, 103,195 minutes and 6,191,679 seconds (whoops, that's wrong already) until the 2016 Presidential Election. So, if we've had 44 Presidents (Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the 45th) we have plenty of time to learn some of the facts about this country's Presidents of the past. So, what I want to do is to talk about other subjects occasionally that I feel I have a need to talk about. I like everyone and all countries in the world, but I just don't like what they do sometime. If the disobey the Ten Commandments or other religions with similar rules is an example. I took a college course in World Religions and it was one of my favorites. The religious beliefs of a sect in India was to not kill a living thing, stepping over ants and other insects and to the opposite extreme, religions devoted to killing animals or human beings for sacrifice to their Gods.... and not hurting one's body by hurting My major point here, is that it seems I've been talking mostly about English speaking North Americans and I need to correct that.... TO BE CONTINUED.... "ain't nothing like them Summer nights" LIL ' ROB LYRICS I prepared a pot of coffee and with that and a bottle of well water, I walked barefoot in the wetness of the grass from last night's rain from my hooch in the garage to the house and then to the basement where I typing my story for this morning. I like going barefooted, just like I did when I was a kid. I ran a piece of wire into my right foot last year under a large tree which is just on the borderline between our property and the farmer's. They are Mr. and Mrs. Troyer who live on Troyer Road (named after them? I don't know.) and Mrs. Troyer told me that they were going down to Mississippi to help Hurricane Trina victims and I have'nt seen them since.... TO BE CONTINUED.... Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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