Monday, August 29, 2016

185th post

CONTINUED FROM TIS MORNING.... Uncle Ray married my Aunt Faye who worked at Spotswood High School and they had 4 children; Glenda, Brian, Valerie and Peggy Joe. I don't remember either of the twins (Aunt May and married to Uncle Jack with the last name of Wimer (they had two girls, Patty the oldest and Connie the baby) or Uncle Ray and Aunt Faye being at Grandmother's house when I was there. They were both about 10 years my senior, about 20 years old more or less and were working and dating as young people do.... TO BE CONTINUED.... AND FROM THIS MORNING.... "My major point here, is that it seems I've been talking mostly about English speaking North Americans and I need to correct that...." An amazing adventured called" that I started for Mother about folks from all over the world that used the exchange of postcards to commuicate with each other was a great experience for me. Mother liked to see and read the picture postcards that we received and liked to buy the postcards, special stamps (the rate at that time was $1.05 for any country besides the United States and that was 32 cents.... TO BE CONTINUED.... I didn't do anything in flower beds today, but you know me by now, I always have a story to tell. And like they say "I have a memory like a Hippopotamus", but some times those great short stories get forgotten about. I always take great pleasure in finding out the dreams of youth. Most young people want to be nurses, doctors, physicians assistants (these are the most chosen professions because of all the old and sickly people like me) lawyers, professional sports players, coaches, band leaders, business administration, computer technicians, and counterfeiters (no Forrest, that's a lie, you know better than that).... TO BE CONTINUED.... Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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