Tuesday, August 30, 2016

186th post

If you all of the family tree will email ( me with corrections, I'd appreciate it. Like they say and I said last night, "I have the memory of a hippopotamus", but at my age it ain't going to last. CONTINUED FROM LAST NIGHT.... My baby brother, Jerry worked as a carpenter for himself fixing repairing or adding to his houses after his work as a teacher and school principal. I'm sure his wife, Janet, (also a teacher) has become good at carpentry because she has worked side-by-side with Jerry for a lot of years.... TO BE CONTINUED.... CONTINUED FROM LAST NIGHT.... is free, but they will accept donations. their head- quarters are in Portugal and before that in Germany. All of the necessary tasks were done on the computer and here's how it worked; I would send a postcard (I purchased a lot of postcards from that bookstore next to the double-decked parking lot, Black's Run, barber shop in down town Harrisonburg) to a person anywhere in the world that gave to me and when that person registrar-ed the postcard after receiving it, I could send another postcard to someone in the world with the address that gave to me.... TO BE CONTINUED.... I googled the following quote and came up with no matches. "The memories of youth are not always forgotten because of old age" Forrest Caricofe Ryan and I went to a local restaurant last night and I was served a delicious repast of grill chicken breast and mashed potatoes with white gravy and all I wanted to eat from the salad bar. The waitress was very friendly and I, of course asked what her plans were for the future. She said that she was going to the local community to study business and planned to purchase or build a storage unit facility and has already bought a house. WOW! .... TO BE CONTINUED.... Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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