Tuesday, August 30, 2016

187th post

This world of modern technology is difficult for an old man like me,(don't feel sorry for me, I don't) and again, I've failed to give to you all some information that might point you to reading all of my 187 stories that I have told about my life so far. My host for my website ( is I have also posted my stories on, but since I started late with them, I post stories from the present and stories from the past. I have got as as posting story number 49, so it will be a while before I catch-up. I also share with Facebook and Twitter from my Weebly website and with videos on YouTube, I share with Facebook, Twitter,Tumbler, Pininterest and others. CONTINUED FROM THIS MORNING.... Most of the people who were full time carpenters that I mentioned from above worked for Father when he had his own construction business and Mother kept the books (sounds like Mother ran a bookie operation, but right now I can't think of another way to put it). I don't know what my Great-grandfather did for a living, but that is a lot of carpenters in only one family tree. TO BE CONTINUED.... CONTINUED FROM THIS MORNING.... Mother could still read until the age of 94 and then she pretended to read so we wouldn't feel sorry for her. She never liked anybody doing that.We both use to enjoy reading, she like her Mother, read books by Grace Livingston Hill in her chair she picked out from a Harrisonburg furniture store on US State Route 42 just past Walmart about 1/2 mile and both on the left going North. I liked books by John Steinbeck, the long ago times of the major Empires of the world and reading the Native American Indians fight to retain their pristine lands from the hands of the white man and the settlement of the early West by Zane Gray and others. TO BE CONTINUED.... CONTINUED FROM THIS MORNING.... She waitress said she could be a stay-home-mom and she ain't even married yet. She is certainly far ahead of her time. I left a good tip and she took some of my business cards to hand out and we thanked each other as Ryan and I got up from the booth and left to pay for the bill at the cashier's station near the exit door. As I was paying the bill. I asked the young lady essentially the same question that I had asked the waitress and she said that she was still in high school, but wanted to go to Ohio University (not Ohio State) and study International Business. Both of these young people chose occupations that seemed a little different to me. I surely glad for them both. Oh, and by the way. They told me not to mention their names, but you know what a rebel I am. Both of the young girls (ladies) names started with a letter of the alphabet and ended with a letter of the alphabet. So, there you are. I googled the following quote and came up with no matches. Two in a row, I'll be durn. "If someone keeps on agreeing with you, you know their kissing your arse." Forrest Caricofe. I watered the flowers this morning because it did not yesterday or last night. I also forgot to tell you that I've got about 100 chiggers on both arms, legs and chest. I first tried bleach and that clear anti-itch over-the-counter medication that's not as messy as calimine lotion. But then I remembered that we used clear nail polish when I was at annual two week training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I just had it then at the top of the army boot. When the nail polish dries, you peel it off and there's the dead chigger a staring in your face. Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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