Wednesday, August 3, 2016

38th post

Yesterday was Flag Day, but that ain't the only reason our country's flag are being

flown.  I can see the US flag flying at half- mast all over the Wooster, Ohio vicinity now,

flying slightly above all other flags (state, town, etc) for those who died in the night

club massacre in Orlando. What shall this great nation do?  Do you remember the

massacre in Pakistan (147 school children an 7 teachers) by several extremists?

I asked perhaps 20 (estimated) christian people including preachers (maybe 

Baptist to one end an exactly almost opposite Brethen/ Mennonite/Amish) what they 

would do. Would they forgive the killers hear on earth an let God deal with them 

when they died or take revenge rite now. The Baptist said take revenge now and 

the opposite group (BrethenMennonite/Amish) said forgive.  Where do you stand??

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