Saturday, August 6, 2016

39th post

5:07 PM 6/15/2016

39th post I thought I might tell you all about me bein friendly some. I consider my own self 

to be like over friendly and sum people an thu medical community associate that 

with manic an bi-polar an I got thu drugs to prove it. I take Saraquell an depokote 

prescribed by a couple of psychiatrists.  I call Saraquell, Sarah Palin an depokote, 

drop a coat so I can remember them. (I hope Mrs. Palin ain't mad at me for

doin it - I like her). 

I say hi to at least 90% of the people I get close enough to, ( even if they have there

face to there phone) an if they have a name-tag, I quick glance at it, an say hi, 

and then their name. There is always ways to greet people. (it don't matter 

none what their race or religion is to me - ain't it sad that some people are 

restricted by talking only to their own kind an thus being less free.

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I like friendly people of all races and cultures.