Saturday, August 13, 2016

40th post

6:15 PM 6/15/2016

40th post

Dr Kwok is our family doctor. He once told me if I got my urinary track 

rotor-rooted, I could piss over a car.

 I took Bill to Dr Kwok today (you might remembrences Bill as one of thu three

males hear in thu house in Smithville (Ohio)). Bill has thu real COPD from workin

in a smoke-filled factory for years as well as smokin for the same number of years

or more. He has been close to death on at least two occasions witch required

rushin to the hospital ER. He onliest has VA Healthcare rite now, butt if he makes

it about 16 more days, he will hav Medicare Part B and Tricare for life. The VA

Healthcare system is much too large (an maybe corrupt) to take care of our 

country's soldiers. Twenty percent of returin soldiers have PSTD an 22 a day

end their own life forever.

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