Saturday, August 13, 2016

41st post

4:20 AM 6/17/2016

41st post

Cents I got back hear to Smithville (Ohio), I've ben plantin flowers like

my Mother use to like to do. I no I keep mentioning Mother from time-to-

time an not my Father, butt my Father has ben dead for about 25 years an

my rembrences of Father hav dissapeard into thu lost memories of my mind.

I remember talkin sum at Mother's funeral (she went to Heaven in the church 

that my Father mostly built on thu first day of Spring (March 21, 2015)) an I

read a poem that follows: 'If flowers grow in Heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for us,

please place them in our Mother's arms, and tell her there from us, an place

a kiss upon her cheek, and hold her for a while."

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