Saturday, August 13, 2016

42nd post

7:35 AM 6/18/2016

42nd post

My son Ryan an I went to a cruise-in  in Wooster (Ohio) yesterday. It's were mostly

old people with old cars (historical) park there old cars vertically on town or city

streets. I tol Ryan to goin ahead. I try to give to him as much freedom as I can 

knowing that once were dead an gone he may hav to survive on his own an as you

know, from a past post, he (Ryan) is intellectually disadvantadged. We altogether

don't hav a plan for him now, butt I do. Their are gated communities in Las Vegas

an other places were it don't git cold much. He would then not hav to put with thu

extreme cold weather an we'd need a social agency to check on his welfare an 

a establishnint lawyer firm or bank to handle his money. Thu rest of thu house is 

opposed to this because most old people are set in there ways.      

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