Sunday, August 14, 2016

44th post

10:21 AM 6/18/2016

44th post

I'm always fergitten sumpthin.  I don't live in my car for now becaus I was given 

a hooch in thu garage that Bill built for Lonnie (one of three males in thu house an 

adopted by us becaus his own Mother didn't want him). An I also hav excess to a

refridgerator rite closet by my hooch (the main one bein in thu horse). So, now

I eat outhouse of that instead of thu trunck of thu car, butt I'm prepared to do it 

again  ( I do eat better than most (verywell),

but I'm still 20 pounds overweight becaus of my licken for sweets an such. An I

exercise everyday, moving, moving, moving constantly (except when I'm one-

finger typin these blogs of course).

I wood leave again for thu desert lands if thu house athomspher became angry-

like, they in thu house wanted me to go, or as Hank Williams sung in one of his

songs 'before the first fall of snow'. 

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