Sunday, August 14, 2016

46th post

7:32 AM 6/20/2016

46th post  

I usta jog about every day becaus I needed to keep in shape for the US Army PT

test whitch consisted of a 2 mile run, pushups an situps. If you didn't pass the

test for so many attempts (I don't remembrences how minnie mouse), you were

discharged (meanin you were no longer a member of the Army).

I now only walk (I always tel people when they ass me my name, I tell them

Forrest, like in almost everybodies favorite movie 'Forrest Gump', but I can't

'run Forrest run' no more, I can only 'walk Forrest walk').

I walked about 30 miles one day an could't hardly move for a week. That surely

wasn't very smart on my part, but I 'm always up for a challenge of sum kind.

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