Thursday, August 18, 2016

47th post

5:57 PM 6/20/2016

47th post 

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I planted alot of flowers yesterday, most of them annuals witch die an don't take

another breath when thu cold comes to this longitub. The onliest place I can git

preannles on sail (these plants come back every year after sleepin underground

durin thu freeze your arse off winter months) is Lowes in Wooster (Ohio).  Lowes

places thu flower/plants on racks an they sail for $1, $3, $5 an 50% off. I figur 

about a 1/3 of them are preannles. One thing I ain't found is a yeller tomato plant.

I usta plant several yeller tomato plants for Mother. She licked yeller tomatoesbecaus they 

had less acid than thu reds. Since Mother has gone to Heaven, I plant

them in her memory. Last year I planted two yeller tomato plants an one had

yeller tomatoes an thu other only green. I never seen thu likes of it.

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