Sunday, August 21, 2016

49th post

Sum people can recall mynute memories of people of thu past, butt I  hav burned

most all my bridges an can no longer remberences thu named people or things 

that I done up to now.

One of my uncles was Uncle Paul who, like me, was a little different than thu rest

of the family tree. We both drank (beer, wine, wiskey) an played baseball, butt

not at thu same time (he mighta done it on his part, butt me not on mine). I remember

one night we was out a drinkin an Uncle Paul was mighta upset. He had bought a

a ticket for a good sum of money to see George (no show) Jones for a concert at 

Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton (Virginia) about 25 miles south of were we were 

adrinkin. An George Jones failed to show again. 

Gitten a little long in thu tooth here, so I will continue this story on thu 50th post.

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