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"The rapid growth of telephone service demand, especially after World War II, 

resulted in a large fraction of party line installations in the middle of the 

20th century in the United States. This often led to traffic congestion in 

the telephone network, as the line to a destination telephone was often busy....

Nearly three-quarters of Pennsylvania residential service in 1943 was party 

line, with users encouraged to limit calls to five minutes.... Shortages 

persisted for years after each war; private lines in Montreal remained in 

short supply at the end of 1919[10] and similar shortages were reported by

telephone companies in Florida as late as 1948,.... Some rural users had to 

run their own wires to reach the utility's lines....1959 rates for telephone 

lines in Indiana. Subscribers in town could choose a private line or a line 

shared by 2 or 4 parties. All rural lines were party lines shared with several 


Objections about one party monopolizing a multi-party line were a staple of 

complaints to telephone companies and letters to advice columnists for 

years.... and eavesdropping on calls remained an ongoing concern....

In December 1942, University of Tennessee's strategy in an American football 

game versus University of Mississippi was revealed to the opposing coach 

as a telephone on the Ole Miss team's bench had been inadvertently wired 

to the same party line.... In May 1952, an alleged bookmaking operation in St. 

Petersburg, Florida was shut down after one month of operation in a rented 

storefront using a party line telephone.... In June 1968, the conviction of 

three Winter Park, Florida men on bookmaking charges was overturned as 

police had used a party line telephone in a rented house on the same line 

as the suspects to unlawfully intercept their communications....

In 1956, Southern Bell officials refused a request from a public utilities 

commissioner in Jackson, Mississippi to segregate party telephone lines 

on racial boundaries....While primitive lockout devices to prevent two 

subscribers from picking up the same line at the same time were proposed 

relatively early,.... multiple simultaneous calls did not become viable until 

the initial tests of transistorised pair gain devices in 1955....Any handset 

off-hook therefore tied up the line for everyone.

Many jurisdictions require a person engaged in a call on a party line to end 

the call immediately if another party needs the line for an emergency. Such 

laws also provide penalties for abuse by falsifying emergency situations. 

In May 1955, a Poughkeepsie, New York woman was indicted by a grand 

jury after her refusal to relinquish a party line delayed a volunteer 

firefighter's effort to report a grass fire; the fire destroyed a shed and a barn....

She was given a suspended sentence.... In June 1970, a sixteen-year-old girl 

and a woman were charged after refusing to relinquish a party line to allow 

a distress call as three boys drowned in a pond in Walsenburg, Colorado...."


(Hurricane) "Hermine headed toward Florida Thursday, set to become the 

first hurricane to strike the state since 2005 before heading east overland to 

threaten soy, cotton crops and the U.S. East Coast. Hermine’s top winds 

reached 75 miles (121 kilometers) per hour, making it a Category 1 hurricane, 

the U.S. National Hurricane Center said 5 p.m. New York time advisory. It 

was located 85 miles south of Apalachicola, Florida.

The hurricane will come ashore on Florida’s Panhandle early Friday and 

then cross Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina where its winds and 

rain could damage cotton and soy crops. Earlier, orange-juice futures rose 

to a five-week high as the storm headed toward Florida. Flooding rains are 

forecast for the storm’s path through agricultural areas.

“Bottom line is that there will be some flooding along the path of the storm 

that will cause damage, up to five percent losses in the swath of the heaviest 

rain,” said Joel Widenor, co-founder of Commodity Weather Group LLC in 

Bethesda, Maryland. “But the speed of the storm’s passage and drier weather

to follow will help to limit impacts.”

Widenor said Hermine will pass too far north to be a major threat to citrus. 

Florida is the second-largest producer of orange juice behind Brazil...."

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I trying to locate some liberal web sites this very minute to balance things a

bit and I can not find any positive news for Hillary Clinton. The Huffington Post 

was ranked number 2 in liberal news and I went to page 5 before I gave up.

All their news was negative against Donald Trump. 

But you know me and my Mother's reading to me of 'The Little Engine That 

Could.' I ain't going to give up. Never!


Donald Trump


"We have to listen to the concerns that working people, our forgotten working 

people, have about the record pace of immigration and its impact on their 

jobs, wages, housing, schools, tax bills and general living conditions."

Other core elements of Trump's 10-point plan include ending ICE's catch-

and-release policy for illegals at the border; implementing "extreme vetting"; 

suspending visa applications from countries — Syria and Libya, for instance

 — where screening is insufficient; and creating a visa tracking system to 

prevent overstays.

Trump also plans to create a nationwide e-verify system that would also bar

illegals from obtaining public benefits; revoke President Barack Obama's 

executive immigration actions; and renegotiate the North American Free-

Trade Agreement.

"This election is our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration 

and reform our laws to make your life better," Trump said. "I really believe 

this is it. This is our last time."

For the illegals already in the United States, Trump declared that their only 

option is to return to their native countries and apply for citizenship.

"Those who leave under this system, they'll have to apply under the terms 

and limits that will be applied in the future," he said. "We will break the 

cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. "There will be no amnesty," 

he added.

"Our message to the world will be this: You cannot obtain legal status or 

become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country.

"This declaration alone will help stop the crisis of illegal crossings and illegal 

overstays very importantly.

"Now is the time for all of us as one country — Democrat, Republican, 

liberal, conservative — to band together to deliver justice and safety and 

security for all Americans," Trump later said. "Let's fix this horrible, 

horrible problem.

Reaction was swift across the political spectrum as conservatives like 

Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity applauded the speech while liberals 

denounced it.

Trump earlier told a joint news conference with Pena Nieto after their 

meeting in Mexico City that the pair had discussed the wall but not who

 would pay for it. Pena Nieto did not mention the wall during the news 



Before we ate our breakfast, Mother would say the same prayer to God 

that she said for breakfast, lunch and supper (called dinner in the North).

"Dear God, thank you for all your blessings, thank you for the sunshine,

thank you for the flowers, thank you for health and just now we thank you 

for this food that will help to nourish our body's to keep us strong to do thy 

will in Jesus name and for his sake, Amen." 

After Mother's burial (Summit Church of the Brethen Cemetery) and service

at the Dayton Church of the Brethen that my Father mostly built, I tried to say 

Mother's prayer and forgot part of it and then just said, Amen.

I learned later that my nephew, Kevin, knew Mother's prayer by heart and 

he only staid in Mother's home for a month or so while he got somethings 

straightened out with his life, and I, like I said before had helped or served as 

a companion to Mother for 12 years more or less....


"Someone who walks alone is not really alone, they also walk with God

and his son, Jesus"

Forrest Caricofe

Google says the above quote"did not match any documents."


Dr Kwok types everything in to his computer. If say "Hell yes, it itches," Dr Kwok 

says and types into his laptop " Forrest says "Hell yes, it itches." He also had 

one of his nurses (the blonde was my nurse today. The other one is a brunette 

and I like them both) of the two Jessica's to give two shots in the left butt if 

you're facing my butt and one shot in my right butt if you're still facing the 

same way. Jessica said there would be some pain as she pinched up some fat 

and then gave me the shot. It was quite painless and I told her it was because 

of my fat butt, then she lied and she said "I had to pinch up a lot." She should 

become a doctor because part of their bedside manner is lying....


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